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Chic #OOTD

Jeans: Topshop MOTO Jamie Ripped Jeans

Shirt: Zara

Shoes: Windsor Smith ‘Nancy’ heels

Hat: Equip

Watch: Vintage Seiko

A quick, cute, casual and chic look which is so easily achievable! Perfect for the warm spring months!

xx DS

Once The Musical!

His music needed one thing. Her.

Captivating from the moment you stepped into the beautiful Princess Theatre in Melbourne, Once the Musical takes you on a journey about love, inspiration, and the power of dreaming.

This musical had me speaking in an Irish accent in record time, while also tugging on a heart string which made me want to run home and sit at my piano, forgetting that I could only play a handful of songs and can barely read sheet music.

Speaking from a year 12 VCE Theatre Studies student perspective, there were many technical aspects of Once which I could not ignore, one being the highly noticeable use of Bertolt Brecht’s ‘Epic Theatre’ as the base theatrical style. Although the ‘fourth wall’ was hardly broken, an actor-audience relationship was established through the use of music and the ‘Verfremdungseffekt’ – also known as the ‘Alienation effect’ which reminds the audience that they’re watching a play, rather than become too immersed into the world of the play. This helped to create an actor-audience relationship as the ‘spectators’ were exposed to the complexities of the play, such as stagecraft elements which, instead of being changed during a black out, were changed in clear view. Although it did distance the audience, it also lured them in, as it built curiosity and evoked further thought about aspects which are not normally though about during a performance, such as “where did that come from?” “I really want to know what’s behind that door” “Did he really just change his pants off in front of a girl he just met?” and finally “why do I keep believing that those three chairs are a bed?” 

This effect was used a lot throughout the play, as the characters also served a practical purpose and were responsible for transforming the performance space from one place to another. Set in modern Dublin, the world of the play was created with quite a sensible set, which was easily manipulated to represent different places. However there were aspects of the set which were really detailed, and each detail became significant throughout the play. Many objects were used to represent other objects (for example: chairs were moved together to create a bed) which was not only practical, but demonstrated a complex level of presentation by director John Frost.

There were many other conventions of epic theatre which were prominent in Once (I made a whole list) which I can only touch on, but most importantly, this theatrical style was demonstrated through characterisation. The characters were significant symbols of Epic Theatre, especially noticeable through things like their names and titles; the two main characters are referred to as “guy” and “girl“, and there is also the “bank manager“, which literally depict who they are and their status in the play. 

Moving on from my painful analysis (sorry!) the music in this show was fantastic and was performed by an incredibly talented cast! The leads, Tom Parsons and Madeleine Jones not only had impeccable voices, but could play their respective instruments flawlessly. The rest of the cast was equally as breath taking. Each person demanded attention for their performances, even when in an ensemble, however one person who really stood out was Amy Lehpamer, a violinist and singer who played the role of Reza. She showed a lot of energy which was quite encapsulating from the moment I took my seat.

I really did enjoy Once, it exceeded any expectations which I had for this production! If you’re into stories with [somewhat] complex characters, meaningful messages, subtle comedy (which is expressed and received extremely well), open-to-interpretation-type musicals which have been faultlessly directed and impeccably performed, Once is definitely the show to see!

… I’m being serious, I’m Czech.

Furthermore, if you want to understand the above reference, you’ll need to see the show!

Once The Musical is showing at Melbourne’s Princess Theatre until December 31, 2014 and as cliche as it may sound, this musical really does only come around Once.

Get your tickets to Once the Musical here

Check out the official site of Once here


I’d also like to say a big thank you to Valissa from Nuffnang for giving me the opportunity to see this show! It has been a fantastic and motivating experience being Nuffnang blogger!


Zara navy knitted jumper

Mossman white leather skirt

H&M ankle boots

Versace Jeans Patent leather bag

Sportsgirl bracelet

Lovisa necklace

Double trouble

Screen shot 2014-07-12 at 1.29.09 AMWearing:

H&M Striped Jersey skirt

Zara navy knitted jumper

Colette by Colette Hayman necklace

Kardashian Kollection bucket bag

Ishka rings

Sportsgirl lipstick in “Dark Angel”

Just one of my outfits from a few weeks ago!


Get The Look: Ashley Benson

I have literally been obsessed with Ashley Benson’s look that she wore to a friend’s wedding.

Not only did the photos bring back some serious “Haleb” feels, but we all realised that Miss Benson doesn’t just look awesome on Pretty Little Liars, but has her own amazing style outside of filming!

Ashley Benson has been popping up on some major fashion radars, as she has created a collection for H&M Divided, which, judging by photos, looks incredible!

Ashley says that the looks are inspired by her own personal style and her love for high waisted skirts, skinny jeans and loose tops.

Looking at the collection, there is a lot of trend pieces, and a lot of mesh, which has me very excited! There is also a lot of stripes,  simple prints, and combinations of black and white.

Ashley Benson is on a roll, and you can get her look here: Get The Look: Ashley Benson 

to take a look at Ashley Benson’s H&M collection, click here

Black clutch
$19 – colettehayman.com.au

Monki hair pin
$2.73 – monki.com

Mac cosmetics foundation

Giorgio Armani foundation

Laura Mercier concealer

Mac cosmetics lipstick

Hourglass cosmetic

A shopper’s motivation

I want this skirt, so I created an outfit

I have no excuses for posting this other than the fact that I feel that this skirt needs to become apart of my wardrobe, and that it would match with my favourite items that I already have at the moment.

I find that the bold blue is a great statement, as is the print of the skirt, which will blend nicely into the otherwise neutral colour palette that autumn/winter will revolve around, while still encouraging my obsession for (almost) all black everything!

Cropped lace bustier
$66 – nelly.de

Zara coat

Mid calf skirt

H&M high heel boots
$51 – hm.com

Kardashian Kollection drawstring bag
$92 – theiconic.com.au

Yves Saint Laurent ring

Black hat
$17 – newlook.com

Metal glasses

Givenchy eyeshadow

Nars cosmetic

Nars cosmetic
$52 – liberty.co.uk

Laura Mercier lipstick
$35 – liberty.co.uk

Rozalia Russian: Melbourne Socialite talks fashion, beauty and lifestyle with The Fashion Journals

As a young woman living in Melbourne I find it necessary to attempt to feel and look my best where possible. With the advances of social media, men and women universally emulate others in regards to their style. These people become our style icons and I was lucky enough to interview my local icon, Rozalia Russian.

Interestedly enough, I came to know of Rozalia through Instagram. Don’t ask how I found her, because all I remember was seeing the most amazingly chic outfit on this woman who was holding my favorite Louis Vuitton Speedy bag, complete with her initials, R.R.

Perception is a crucial element of the new social media takeover. Rozalia gives her followers a sense of luxury, elegance and affordability, which is why I thought an interview with her would be extremely beneficial to The Fashion Journals and will help to prove that all of these qualities that Rozalia possesses and that I try to preach with my posts is incredibly achievable.

TFJ: As a woman with influence over a mass populace of people, did it surprise you to find through social media that so many women emulate your style?

ROSA: It is very humbling when girls approach me saying that they love my style and often buy the same pieces that I have. I didn’t start my instagram thinking that I would turn it into a daily fashion blog, however I am lucky that people seem to like my style and value my opinion.

 TFJ: Did you ever imagine that you, your style and voice would have this type of impact on others?
ROSA: Definitely not. As I mentioned I started Instagram just like everyone else as a fun way to share photos with friends. I then started getting comments from girls asking where my certain clothing items were from that they saw in the pictures. One thing lead to another and before I knew it I was being approached by different clothing labels asking me to work with them.


It has definitely been a fun year and a half and I have been given some amazing opportunities that I am very grateful for.

TFJ: You have recently become a mother, congratulations! Seeing your progress throughout the pregnancy left many people in awe of how well you managed your style. Do you have any tips for women in the same position as you were? 
ROSA: My tip would be one that I think many pregnant women have heard before… ‘Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you can let yourself go’
I used to hear heaps of woman say I’m pregnant so I’m going to eat junk food everyday. I think it is important to not use the pregnancy as an excuse. Yes enjoy yourself and you have to indulge (mine was KFC) but not everyday! Also get out of those tracksuits pants, put on some make up and go and get your nails done.
 TFJ: What are some of your favourite local and international brands?
ROSA: Australia has so many amazing designers a few local brands would be Cameo, Senso, AJE, Witchery, Camilla and Marc, Scanalan and Theodore, Elliot, Dion Lee, Zimmerman, Nicholas, hunt no more.Overseas would be Alexander Wang, Saint Laurent, Zara, Dolce and Gabbana.
 TFJ: Would you say that you are one to mix and match luxury items with inexpensive pieces?
ROSA: Absolutely. I simply do not think it is practically to wear luxury pieces from top to bottom every day.I am a sucker for designer heels so that is definently what I splurge on. You could be wearing a $100 dress but pair it with an amazing pair of luxury heels and you will look a million dollars.
TFJ: Do you have any predictions for trends in the coming months?
ROSA: My prediction is that we are going to go into winter with a very neutral colour pallet. I think we are going to go back to basics and the wardrobe will consist of black, white and a lot of grey! Capes will still be in, as well as statement coats! Over the knee boots will also make a comeback.TFJ: Is there any beauty products that you cannot live without?ROSA: Concealer! I used to love it before but even more so now being a mum and running off little sleep.

Along with concealer, if I only have 5 min to get ready my beauty products that I have to use would be blush, eyebrow pencil and mascara.

TFJ: Adjusting to motherhood is a big thing, would you say that there is anything that you wish you knew before hand that you know now? 

ROSA: To not only carry spare clothes for baby but also for your self!

Two words… Leaking Nappies!

TFJ: Do you think that your new baby girl, Willow already has a style that suits her? Do you have any aspirations for her regarding fashion? 

ROSA: It kills me to admit this but Willow doesn’t like dressing up! Getting dressed isn’t one of her favourite activities yet as she doesn’t like things going over her head and her mum trying to keep her foot still whilst putting on shoes! Haha!

In terms of what suits her, I think at this age when you cant really tell if they look like a girl or boy its just easier to dress her in pastel pinks.

She isn’t a fan of reds, greens, yellows, purples or hot pink (well her mum isn’t)

 TFJ: How do you achieve, what looks like, an effortless, elegant and fun look? Is there any rules that you follow?
ROSA: I think it is important to dress for your body shape.Just because that midriff top and highwasited pencil skirt looks good on your BFF doesn’t mean it will look good on you.Once you establish what suits you then dressing will be easier as you will be more comfortable and be able to portray that effortless look.

“Your wardrobe should be made up of 80% style and 20% trends.

Every season we see a new trend coming through weather it be peplum, midriff tops, high-tops etc.…

As quickly as these trends come in they will go out of fashion.

Style however will never be out of fashion, What I mean by style is the investment classic pieces which consist of, a well tailored blazer, a silk white shirt, good fitting basic t shirts, a simple black pointy heel etc.

These classic items should be a staple in every girl’s wardrobe as they will never be out of fashion.”

So, my lovely readers, take note of what Mrs Russian has said, trust [us], you will hit the mark every time!

Catch more of Rozalia on Instagram rozalia_russian and at www.rozalia.com.au

Images taken from Rozalia’s Instagram page

Welcome, Summer!

Welcome, Summer!

Saturday 30th November was a great day; I had my first styling session thanks to Melbourne Girl and Melbourne Central‘s ‘Fashion and Beauty makeover’ competition for the One Day Shopping Festival!!!

I learnt so much and enjoyed myself so very much!

So here is my OOTD and I will be keeping updates with all the things I’ve learnt and purchased throughout my time with my stylist!

Cotton tee

J Crew jacket

Wood clog

Juicy Couture chain necklace

Ray-Ban black glasses
$160 – harrods.com

Hippy hat
$36 – sportsgirl.com.au

Shiseido foundation
$70 – nelly.com

Topshop volume mascara
$20 – colette.fr

Topshop glitter lipstick
$19 – colette.fr

One skirt, one bag, many different possibilities

One skirt, one bag, many different possibilities

This Topshop skirt will take you from summer to winter, from Paris to Hong Kong. Universal to any style, this skirt can be elegant, grunge, casual, dressy… what ever you like! It is just a matter of how you accessorise it!

In this set, i’ve used the same skirt and same bag, both potent items to an outfit and made two different looks that revolve around the skirt and the bag.

one skirt

Here we see the skirt for the classy girl, the grunge/indie girl, the floral girl and the retro girl. Like I said, this skirt is adaptable to absolutely anything!

Favourite sets to date

This collection is based solely on what I have put together from either experience or based on something that I would love to wear and want to persevere to buy for myself! These are probably some of my best sets to date!

Phillip Lim inspired looks on a budget!

Phillip Lim, one of my favourite designers has released a line specifically made for Target! Sadly, reports tell that this line is exclusive to the US, which is bad news for his international admirers and style stalkers (*cough* me *cough*)
So, due to this, I have devised some looks with my favourite pieces from Phillip Lim and then styled some similar pieces together to try and get that iconic, simplistic Phillip Lim look! Phillip Lim inspired looks on a budget!

Here we have, two whole outfits for under $100 AUD per piece!

Keep an eye and ear out for a international release of Phillip Lim for Target, you will love it’s stylish pieces and effortless sophistication!

Screen shot 2013-08-14 at 7.31.21 PM Screen shot 2013-08-14 at 7.31.33 PM Screen shot 2013-08-14 at 7.31.42 PMScreen shot 2013-08-14 at 7.31.10 PMTake a closer look at the Phillip Lim for Target collection!

Combination is Key

Combination is Key

J Mendel j mendel

Zara pants

Black purse
$30 – lamodauk.com

Tiffany co


Minimalistic and Elevated Flatforms!

Minimalistic and Elevated Flatforms!

Lily shoes
$81 – windsorsmith.com.au

Summer shoes
$81 – windsorsmith.com.au


Tease Hers
$125 – windsorsmith.com.au

Summer Festival Pronto!

Summer Festival Pronto!

Bardot cami tank top
$28 – bardot.com.au

H M zipper purse
$31 – hm.com

Carmex sugar lip treatment
$7.87 – colette.fr

How Do You Style Ombré Necklaces?

How Do You Style Ombré Necklaces?