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Winter has come, and you have no idea how happy I am that this season has arrived.

PS I hope you guys like Game Of Thrones references…

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Being a student, my life at the moment is pretty hectic, and while I spend my nights doing assignments (at the last minute, of course) I catch up on sleep in the mornings (roughly an hour before class starts) so instead of rushing like a mad woman trying to come up with a decent outfit in the 15 minutes I give myself to get ready, I just put on a chic winter dress and run out the door.

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The best of Witchery outerwear that you NEED this winter

The best of Witchery outerwear that you NEED this winter

If there’s one Australian brand that I absolutely love, it’s Witchery, and every single winter they manage to release the best jackets and coats. This season in particular includes the most versatile colours and styles that I can guarantee will be investment pieces that you can wear for years to come.

Above I’ve put together an edit of my favourites of this season, top of my wish list is the moss green bomber jacket, followed ever so closely by the camel trench coat.

You can shop the Witchery outerwear in the links below!

Witchery grey top

Witchery maxi coat

Witchery wool coat

Witchery trench coat


Witchery green jacket

Rozalia Russian: Melbourne Socialite talks fashion, beauty and lifestyle with The Fashion Journals

As a young woman living in Melbourne I find it necessary to attempt to feel and look my best where possible. With the advances of social media, men and women universally emulate others in regards to their style. These people become our style icons and I was lucky enough to interview my local icon, Rozalia Russian.

Interestedly enough, I came to know of Rozalia through Instagram. Don’t ask how I found her, because all I remember was seeing the most amazingly chic outfit on this woman who was holding my favorite Louis Vuitton Speedy bag, complete with her initials, R.R.

Perception is a crucial element of the new social media takeover. Rozalia gives her followers a sense of luxury, elegance and affordability, which is why I thought an interview with her would be extremely beneficial to The Fashion Journals and will help to prove that all of these qualities that Rozalia possesses and that I try to preach with my posts is incredibly achievable.

TFJ: As a woman with influence over a mass populace of people, did it surprise you to find through social media that so many women emulate your style?

ROSA: It is very humbling when girls approach me saying that they love my style and often buy the same pieces that I have. I didn’t start my instagram thinking that I would turn it into a daily fashion blog, however I am lucky that people seem to like my style and value my opinion.

 TFJ: Did you ever imagine that you, your style and voice would have this type of impact on others?
ROSA: Definitely not. As I mentioned I started Instagram just like everyone else as a fun way to share photos with friends. I then started getting comments from girls asking where my certain clothing items were from that they saw in the pictures. One thing lead to another and before I knew it I was being approached by different clothing labels asking me to work with them.


It has definitely been a fun year and a half and I have been given some amazing opportunities that I am very grateful for.

TFJ: You have recently become a mother, congratulations! Seeing your progress throughout the pregnancy left many people in awe of how well you managed your style. Do you have any tips for women in the same position as you were? 
ROSA: My tip would be one that I think many pregnant women have heard before… ‘Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you can let yourself go’
I used to hear heaps of woman say I’m pregnant so I’m going to eat junk food everyday. I think it is important to not use the pregnancy as an excuse. Yes enjoy yourself and you have to indulge (mine was KFC) but not everyday! Also get out of those tracksuits pants, put on some make up and go and get your nails done.
 TFJ: What are some of your favourite local and international brands?
ROSA: Australia has so many amazing designers a few local brands would be Cameo, Senso, AJE, Witchery, Camilla and Marc, Scanalan and Theodore, Elliot, Dion Lee, Zimmerman, Nicholas, hunt no more.Overseas would be Alexander Wang, Saint Laurent, Zara, Dolce and Gabbana.
 TFJ: Would you say that you are one to mix and match luxury items with inexpensive pieces?
ROSA: Absolutely. I simply do not think it is practically to wear luxury pieces from top to bottom every day.I am a sucker for designer heels so that is definently what I splurge on. You could be wearing a $100 dress but pair it with an amazing pair of luxury heels and you will look a million dollars.
TFJ: Do you have any predictions for trends in the coming months?
ROSA: My prediction is that we are going to go into winter with a very neutral colour pallet. I think we are going to go back to basics and the wardrobe will consist of black, white and a lot of grey! Capes will still be in, as well as statement coats! Over the knee boots will also make a comeback.TFJ: Is there any beauty products that you cannot live without?ROSA: Concealer! I used to love it before but even more so now being a mum and running off little sleep.

Along with concealer, if I only have 5 min to get ready my beauty products that I have to use would be blush, eyebrow pencil and mascara.

TFJ: Adjusting to motherhood is a big thing, would you say that there is anything that you wish you knew before hand that you know now? 

ROSA: To not only carry spare clothes for baby but also for your self!

Two words… Leaking Nappies!

TFJ: Do you think that your new baby girl, Willow already has a style that suits her? Do you have any aspirations for her regarding fashion? 

ROSA: It kills me to admit this but Willow doesn’t like dressing up! Getting dressed isn’t one of her favourite activities yet as she doesn’t like things going over her head and her mum trying to keep her foot still whilst putting on shoes! Haha!

In terms of what suits her, I think at this age when you cant really tell if they look like a girl or boy its just easier to dress her in pastel pinks.

She isn’t a fan of reds, greens, yellows, purples or hot pink (well her mum isn’t)

 TFJ: How do you achieve, what looks like, an effortless, elegant and fun look? Is there any rules that you follow?
ROSA: I think it is important to dress for your body shape.Just because that midriff top and highwasited pencil skirt looks good on your BFF doesn’t mean it will look good on you.Once you establish what suits you then dressing will be easier as you will be more comfortable and be able to portray that effortless look.

“Your wardrobe should be made up of 80% style and 20% trends.

Every season we see a new trend coming through weather it be peplum, midriff tops, high-tops etc.…

As quickly as these trends come in they will go out of fashion.

Style however will never be out of fashion, What I mean by style is the investment classic pieces which consist of, a well tailored blazer, a silk white shirt, good fitting basic t shirts, a simple black pointy heel etc.

These classic items should be a staple in every girl’s wardrobe as they will never be out of fashion.”

So, my lovely readers, take note of what Mrs Russian has said, trust [us], you will hit the mark every time!

Catch more of Rozalia on Instagram rozalia_russian and at www.rozalia.com.au

Images taken from Rozalia’s Instagram page

Get the look: Queen Bey

Get the look: Queen Bey

Queen Bey. Mrs Carter. The woman who is Schoolin’ Life.

I get to see Beyonce on saturday night at her Mrs Carter World Tour in Melbourne. First though, I thought I should take inspiration from one of the most (Sasha) fierce women who have had influence on my life from a young age.

It started with Destiny’s Child, then kicked off with ‘Dangerously In Love‘ and from that, I learnt how to Work It Out. I realised that I wanted my husband to be like my Daddy, and still, till this day, I realised that being Crazy In Love is something that I look forward to.

Take it from Mrs Carter, classy street-wear and dignity (not to mention being Bootylicious) can get you very far!

Also, keep in mind that if you liked it then you should have put a ring on it… 

Fashion Week Trend: Sheers & Leather

Fashion Week Trend: Sheers & Leather

One recurring trend I am seeing emerge from almost all designers in almost every fashion week show is the use of sheer materials in their clothing. Sheer tops to Sheer hemmed skirts to the little finishing touches with sheer material will see you on trend with the minimalistic, stylish and practical sheer look. (as photographed above)


Stay on the fashion ball and get your hands on sheer clothing…


it will be Sheer-Luck if you already have some!

This is one of my favourite sheer looks from the PPQ, Jasper Conran and Preen Spring 2014 shows in London Fashion Week

PPQ sheerJasper Conran LFW sheer Preen LFW

Yves Saint Laurent mini skirt
$2,635 – harrods.com

Christian Louboutin satin shoes

Givenchy paisley handbag
$1,935 – ln-cc.com

Witchery black cat eye glasses
$66 – witchery.com.au

Favourite sets to date

This collection is based solely on what I have put together from either experience or based on something that I would love to wear and want to persevere to buy for myself! These are probably some of my best sets to date!

Be Controversial

Be Controversial


The hottest celebrity topic of the moment is Miley Cyrus’ tendentious actions at the VMAs, and the belief that she twerks her way through life. Days after the VMAs, Miley released her new song ‘Wrecking Ball’, a beautifully written and touching song. Which brings me to point out two different types of people…

There are those who were curious about how the ‘Hannah Montana’ star has changed from Disney princess to headline making, booty twerking queen, and watch the video and realise that although the VMAs were too over the top, her music video for ‘Wrecking Ball’ was actually a well thought and profound depiction of the lyrics in the song. 

Then there are those who completely judge her actions as immature, unsophisticated and filthy. Although both people have a valid point, Miley has acted so for a purpose… Both types of people are getting her attention. Word of mouth proves to be the most powerful form of promotion, and Miley is getting exactly what she wanted.

The moral of this was that the concept can be similarly represented in fashion, also.

You don’t have to twerk or act differently for your style to be appreciated. You don’t have to be something that you’re not in order for people to appreciate you and what you embody as your values and characteristics.

I’ve said it before, and I will forever repeat it; Individuality is key to making fashion work for you. Be adventurous with your outfits, try a colour that you normally wouldn’t wear. Find something new that works for you and utilise it to the best of your ability.

Respect yourself, your body and your morals, because at the end of the day, thats all you have. Make sure that your actions and the way you comport yourself only reflect the good sides of you, even if you do have skeletons in your closet.

Yes, Be Controversial; but don’t disrespect yourself to prove your controversiality.


Miss Selfridge lace top

Topshop red handbag

Witchery cat eye glasses
$65 – witchery.com.au

CC face moisturizer

Mac cosmetic
$39 – johnlewis.com

Grand Contrasts

Grand Contrasts

River Island cotton shirt
$22 – nelly.com

Motorcycle biker jacket
$310 – thegrandsocial.com.au

Short black mini skirt
$160 – youheshe.com

$155 – harveynichols.com

Crystal stone jewelry
$45 – peeptoeshoes.com.au

Witchery cateye glasses
$64 – witchery.com.au

Nars cosmetic

Chanel purple liquid eyeliner
$41 – debenhams.com

Shiseido concealer

Chanel perfume fragrance
$115 – selfridges.com