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I’m back and I did some pretty cool things while I was gone part 1

Firstly, I started writing this on the 2nd of September on my way home from the Little Bourke St Runway, but, like my life right now, I got too busy to finish it and post at a decent, more recent time.

SO, let’s go back a month and pretend like my absence never happened…

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|| Neutral 2 ||

I know, I have an obsession with midi skirts and killer handbags.
I’m not going to apologise though, because you’ll be thanking me later.
Lately all of my edits have included items that are on my wishlist, and I finally got around to buying a Khaki midi skirt, yay!
I’m also torn between the Furla Metropolis Mini hip bag and this Alexander Wang bag, I think the Furla is the more affordable option though, so that solves that issue.
Finally, I need a pair of knee high boots! I am literally searching high and low for the perfect pair (at the perfect price) and let me tell you, with my taste it is not an easy task!
|| Neutral 2 ||


If you guys have found an affordable pair of knee high boots, let me know!

Also, which bag do you guys prefer? The Furla or the Alexander Wang?

|| Neutral 2 || by thefashionjournals. Shop the look below!

Green skirt
17 AUD – amazon.com

River Island clothing
50 AUD – riverisland.com

Knee high boots

Alexander Wang studded purse
1 345 AUD – avenue32.com

Choker necklace

Recent obsession: Leather jackets.

I blessed myself with the gift of a leather jacket last weekend, and honestly, I haven’t stopped wearing it.

I am so obsessed that I’ve found myself walking around my house wearing it. I’m not even ashamed to admit so.

The point being that leather jackets are a staple for everyone’s wardrobe, no matter your age, gender, or style. Leather jackets come in many different cuts, styles and designs, and so, finding one to suit you won’t be that difficult.

Leather jackets aren’t just a trend. They have been around for decades, and more than that are a piece that no one should go without! Along with the LBD, silk white shirt and tailored black blazer, the leather jacket is a piece that should, and will, complete any wardrobe!

One last thing: Leather jackets can be worn with almost anything!

Give it a go, upload it to Instagram and tag #thefashionjournals to be featured on The Fashion Journals!

The great debate: Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend Jeans; Extremely hip or absolute disaster?

My exact question. We have seen many celebrities who have failed katie holmes bf jeans

and few who have triumphed the look,


rachel bilson bf jeans

making me question these jeans and want to study them to a great extent…

My first problem with these jeans is that no matter how slim you are, these jeans are completely unflattering. They accentuate the parts of the leg which a) many women are conscious about and b) shorten the leg from the ankle fold.

My other problem with these jeans is the distressed and over the top emphasis on the “boyfriend” aspect. The jeans are meant to be a man’s shape and style on a woman, not a statement that says “every man’s pair of jeans are ripped and maltreated”. I can honestly say that the majority of guys I see have jeans in better condition than many other women!


If you really are adventurous or enjoy making a trend statement (Like I do at times), then I believe that there are strict rules that you must apply to when wearing these jeans!

1) Make sure they fit! Although the aim of the jean is to look baggy and a little out of place, that does not mean they should hang off of you. Get a pair that fit your hips properly and do not go past your ankle.

2) What ever top you wear, ensure that it isn’t too long or loose. The length of the top is crucial, if your top is longer than the bottom of the zip, than you need a shorter top. The good thing about these jeans is that you can dress them up or down and suit them to the weather. You can wear a t-shirt and converse for a super casual spring day or you can wear ankle boots and a knitted jumper with them (still making sure that the jumper does not go past the zip)

3) Don’t forget that at the end of the day, you want to be somewhat classy. To me, you can pull off any style as long as there is a hint of class. Fashion and class are the perfect combination and to be able to add trend into your outfit, you need to get that balance of class and chic.

4) Suave and Chic are Boyfriend Jean’s middle name.  These jeans were designed to make a street style statement, and that they have! You need to make sure to keep your end of the bargain when wearing them. Tucked in shirts and belts are the epitome of the boyfriend jean way, so, tuck that top in and add a thin belt to sit in the belt loop.

5) Finally, add some feminine accessories. Colourful bags and simple jewellery, pointed toe heels and ankle boots go really well with the look, no matter the top you are wearing with the jeans. Keep everything simple and let the jeans and your accessories compliment themselves!

Follow these simple and effective rules and watch how the boyfriend jean can add some fun and simplicity into your life!

Screen shot 2013-07-27 at 5.52.07 PM