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Let’s get in formation

In honour of Beyoncé’s ability to completely revive the BEYHIVE in under 48 hours, I think it’s time that we get in Formation #slay
Let's get in formation

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A writer’s life for me

A high silk hat and a silver cane,
A watch of gold on a diamond chain.
A writer's life for me

These neutral shades are combined to create an unbelievably simple and stylish look that will give you instant street style cred with very minimal effort.

In case you were wondering, yes, I changed the words of Disney’s Pinocchio

It works, okay?!

$470 – viktoriaandwoods.com.au

Paige Denim pants

Givenchy shoulder bag

Pendant necklace

Does it come in black?

“Get y’all black tees on
All black everything”Does it come in black?

I am obsessed with black. I want everything to be black and I will have everything black.

Black is class, sophistication, effortless style. Black is easy to wear, black is slimming… What are stains?

What’s better than black? Sheer black! Sheer tops, Sheer skirts… I cannot get enough!

My absolute favourite is the black mesh midi skirt from Topshop! I have been eyeing it since it’s debut onto the Topshop website and till’ this day, it has consumed my thoughts (Not even an exaggeration)

Lucky for me, my beautiful mother has a talent for sewing… I can get this skirt in black and white for less than half retail price!

I will be lavishing in these skirts for as long as I can! Plus, I highly doubt that this fixation for all things black will go out of style anytime soon!

Run This Town Jay-Z