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Happy Valentines day lovers!
If there’s one thing I’ve learnt about this very commercialised day, it’s that it’s no use for us single ladies to be resentful; I mean, why waste our energy on that when we can just treat ourselves to the things we really love, like a bit of Dolce and Valentino? (Especially Valentino because the name is just really suited to the cause)
This year though, I’ve gone the step further and actually got myself a hot date.
Yep, that’s right. This V-day I’ll be rolling in gifts and enjoying a nice meal with someone I love.
I mean, not romantically though.
Valentine’s day is a day to celebrate love, and although traditionally people celebrate courtly love, that doesn’t mean you can’t show your love for your family or friends, right?
So this year, my valentine is my niece. Throughout our whole lives we’ve lived so far away from each other, and once every year or so, one of us would make the trip interstate to see each other, and during those short few days, we’d have to re-connect and get to know each other again. Now, she has finally moved to Melbourne and we’re getting to know each other properly; she’s like my fourth sister and I love her.
So, if you’re like me and don’t normally give two shits about Valentine’s Day, maybe this year you should just embrace the day and show the people that you love how you feel.
Then again, though, there’s no shame in revelling in the material things you love too, so feel free to tick something off of my LUST LIST


Tom ford shirt

Nudie Jeans Co. jeans
195 AUD – stuartslondon.com

Valentino ballerina flat
1 115 AUD – valentino.com

Yves saint laurent purse
5 565 AUD – barneys.com

Dolce Gabbana crystal jewellery
1 505 AUD – farfetch.com

Dolce Gabbana tech accessory
10 630 AUD – luisaviaroma.com

Dolce Gabbana tech accessory
1 100 AUD – luisaviaroma.com

Makeup blending brush
195 AUD – ahalife.com

Nars cosmetic
57 AUD – selfridges.com

Mac cosmetics lipstick
24 AUD – maccosmetics.com

Lip treatment
14 AUD – lushusa.com

Body cleanser
11 AUD – lushusa.com

Bath body product
13 AUD – lushusa.com

Match Point

Match Point

I’m not much of a tennis person… I cannot tell you that i’ve watched a tennis match, or that I understand the rules or the game enough to be able to follow one. One thing I do admire is how many different types of people, from diverse countries can come together and cheer on the event. It’s like any sport really but tennis is something that unites Australia throughout the summer. It acts as a landmark for hot afternoons and cultural gatherings… something that Australians find sacred to our culture.

Tennis matches people, matches countries and you get bonus points for matching outfits! Lately I’ve become a bit punny even though I hate puns. Which brings us to Irony.

Now, the irony of it all is that this edit is based on the idea of matching your outfits and accessories, rather than having anything to do with tennis.

Which then leads us back to match points.

We are going back and fourth, just like in tennis.


Standing on the Sun

Standing on the Sun

Take it from our Queen B, No matter whether you are in the middle of the coldest winter or the hottest summer, brighten up your day (and maybe even someone else’s) with some bold colours, as featured in Beyonce’s collection for H&M!

The collection included some amazingly gorgeous printed t-shirts, singlets and tops, as well as dresses and jumpsuits! Add a pop of colour (try yellow if you are adventurous) or stick to your favourite colour, just make sure it pops!

Give it a go and illuminate your outfit, you won’t regret it!


H m top
$23 – hm.com

H&M denim short shorts
$31 – hm.com

Smythson zipper top

Bobbi brown cosmetic

Giorgio armani lipstick

Topshop volume mascara

Marc Jacobs body moisturizer
$42 – debenhams.com

Butter London glitter nail polish
$19 – thehut.com