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For the guys: You’re welcome

Mariano Di Vaio.

This Italian fashion blogger, model, and actor has literally done no wrong when it comes to fashion and lifestyle.

Mariano has become an international icon for men’s fashion, and you can see why! Mariano gives the impression of an effortless class for men, and shows how easy it is to achieve.

Although he is a model and actor, and is able to purchase expensive clothing and accessories, these items are easily attainable for a much more economic price, which must be exciting for you handsome hombre’s who would like to try to achieve a similar look!

For more on Mariano, check out his blog: MDV Style and stay tuned for my next “get the look” post just for my lovely lads!

James Franco: Gracing The Fashion Journals with our very first Men’s fashion post!

James Franco

James Franco: actor, director, screenwriter, producer, poet, author, teacher and The Fashion Journal’s first ever candidate for a Men’s fashion post!

Mr. Franco is a modest style icon for men, as his casual, elegant, simple style is surprisingly very achievable with minimal effort. James’ outfits consist of many basic items that are paired with statement jackets, shoes and accessories to make his outfits stand apart from the rest (in a very handsome way may I add) Using basics such as jeans, plain t-shirts and elaborating the outfit with a leather, denim, or corduroy jacket you too can achieve a look similar to that of James Franco.

Plus, who said that you can only wear suits to a wedding? If you’re looking for an instant “Ooh kill em'” outfit, suit up! Suit pants, a printed top (with colours that match the colour of the suit) and the matching blazer will achieve a well put-together look, once again with very minimal effort!