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Happy Valentines day lovers!
If there’s one thing I’ve learnt about this very commercialised day, it’s that it’s no use for us single ladies to be resentful; I mean, why waste our energy on that when we can just treat ourselves to the things we really love, like a bit of Dolce and Valentino? (Especially Valentino because the name is just really suited to the cause)
This year though, I’ve gone the step further and actually got myself a hot date.
Yep, that’s right. This V-day I’ll be rolling in gifts and enjoying a nice meal with someone I love.
I mean, not romantically though.
Valentine’s day is a day to celebrate love, and although traditionally people celebrate courtly love, that doesn’t mean you can’t show your love for your family or friends, right?
So this year, my valentine is my niece. Throughout our whole lives we’ve lived so far away from each other, and once every year or so, one of us would make the trip interstate to see each other, and during those short few days, we’d have to re-connect and get to know each other again. Now, she has finally moved to Melbourne and we’re getting to know each other properly; she’s like my fourth sister and I love her.
So, if you’re like me and don’t normally give two shits about Valentine’s Day, maybe this year you should just embrace the day and show the people that you love how you feel.
Then again, though, there’s no shame in revelling in the material things you love too, so feel free to tick something off of my LUST LIST


Tom ford shirt

Nudie Jeans Co. jeans
195 AUD – stuartslondon.com

Valentino ballerina flat
1 115 AUD – valentino.com

Yves saint laurent purse
5 565 AUD – barneys.com

Dolce Gabbana crystal jewellery
1 505 AUD – farfetch.com

Dolce Gabbana tech accessory
10 630 AUD – luisaviaroma.com

Dolce Gabbana tech accessory
1 100 AUD – luisaviaroma.com

Makeup blending brush
195 AUD – ahalife.com

Nars cosmetic
57 AUD – selfridges.com

Mac cosmetics lipstick
24 AUD – maccosmetics.com

Lip treatment
14 AUD – lushusa.com

Body cleanser
11 AUD – lushusa.com

Bath body product
13 AUD – lushusa.com

Get the look: under $125

Get the look: under $125

Every time I think of an ideal outfit, one of the first things I think about is affordability. When I saw the top for $17AUD I almost did a double backflip (sort of… not really) but I was very shocked. Then, I went searching for an inexpensive skirt and found this one from Doublju and lost my mind when I noticed it had been on sale for $4.90 and was $15 full price!!!

Nothing beats a gorgeous outfit that makes you look a million dollars, but actually costs $124.20 in total!!!

I’m also really loving neutral colours and rose gold at the moment, so it’s really reassuring to see that you can achieve a certain look for a minimal amount!


xx DS

Stone top
17 AUD – newlook.com

Doublju beige skirt
4.90 AUD – amazon.com

H&M short black boots
46 AUD – hm.com

Structured handbag

Rose gold bar necklace

Day to Night

Day to Night

Let me be the one to tell you how difficult it is to rush home from a long and busy day out, only to get ready for the long night ahead with little to no time to make any decent changes!

This edit showcases a great and easy way to go from a casual, every day look (which is so so á la mode and easily transform it into a sophisticated look, perfect for a night out!

Included in this edit are some of my favourite pieces, like the Valentino Rock Studded flats and heels, and Mimco purses!

Finally, the neutral pallet of both looks inspire me. For what, exactly? Maybe to embrace a more mature life, to work hard enough so that I can enjoy everything that life has to offer… It’s funny how an outfit, more, an edit of an outfit can make you think this way. It could be the sophistication of the colours and pieces, or more the personal thought that went into it. I was thinking about an outfit that I would wear in a heartbeat, that could take me from work to dinners, events, anything.  I have big plans for my life, and I don’t intend on approaching them in mediocre clothes!

DS xx

T By Alexander Wang black crop top
$360 – mytheresa.com

Balmain skirt
$6,365 – balmain.com

Valentino sandals

Valentino leather shoes
$665 – net-a-porter.com

$185 – farfetch.com

NARS Cosmetics lips makeup

Nars cosmetic

Home decor

$170 – mimco.com.au

Once The Musical!

His music needed one thing. Her.

Captivating from the moment you stepped into the beautiful Princess Theatre in Melbourne, Once the Musical takes you on a journey about love, inspiration, and the power of dreaming.

This musical had me speaking in an Irish accent in record time, while also tugging on a heart string which made me want to run home and sit at my piano, forgetting that I could only play a handful of songs and can barely read sheet music.

Speaking from a year 12 VCE Theatre Studies student perspective, there were many technical aspects of Once which I could not ignore, one being the highly noticeable use of Bertolt Brecht’s ‘Epic Theatre’ as the base theatrical style. Although the ‘fourth wall’ was hardly broken, an actor-audience relationship was established through the use of music and the ‘Verfremdungseffekt’ – also known as the ‘Alienation effect’ which reminds the audience that they’re watching a play, rather than become too immersed into the world of the play. This helped to create an actor-audience relationship as the ‘spectators’ were exposed to the complexities of the play, such as stagecraft elements which, instead of being changed during a black out, were changed in clear view. Although it did distance the audience, it also lured them in, as it built curiosity and evoked further thought about aspects which are not normally though about during a performance, such as “where did that come from?” “I really want to know what’s behind that door” “Did he really just change his pants off in front of a girl he just met?” and finally “why do I keep believing that those three chairs are a bed?” 

This effect was used a lot throughout the play, as the characters also served a practical purpose and were responsible for transforming the performance space from one place to another. Set in modern Dublin, the world of the play was created with quite a sensible set, which was easily manipulated to represent different places. However there were aspects of the set which were really detailed, and each detail became significant throughout the play. Many objects were used to represent other objects (for example: chairs were moved together to create a bed) which was not only practical, but demonstrated a complex level of presentation by director John Frost.

There were many other conventions of epic theatre which were prominent in Once (I made a whole list) which I can only touch on, but most importantly, this theatrical style was demonstrated through characterisation. The characters were significant symbols of Epic Theatre, especially noticeable through things like their names and titles; the two main characters are referred to as “guy” and “girl“, and there is also the “bank manager“, which literally depict who they are and their status in the play. 

Moving on from my painful analysis (sorry!) the music in this show was fantastic and was performed by an incredibly talented cast! The leads, Tom Parsons and Madeleine Jones not only had impeccable voices, but could play their respective instruments flawlessly. The rest of the cast was equally as breath taking. Each person demanded attention for their performances, even when in an ensemble, however one person who really stood out was Amy Lehpamer, a violinist and singer who played the role of Reza. She showed a lot of energy which was quite encapsulating from the moment I took my seat.

I really did enjoy Once, it exceeded any expectations which I had for this production! If you’re into stories with [somewhat] complex characters, meaningful messages, subtle comedy (which is expressed and received extremely well), open-to-interpretation-type musicals which have been faultlessly directed and impeccably performed, Once is definitely the show to see!

… I’m being serious, I’m Czech.

Furthermore, if you want to understand the above reference, you’ll need to see the show!

Once The Musical is showing at Melbourne’s Princess Theatre until December 31, 2014 and as cliche as it may sound, this musical really does only come around Once.

Get your tickets to Once the Musical here

Check out the official site of Once here


I’d also like to say a big thank you to Valissa from Nuffnang for giving me the opportunity to see this show! It has been a fantastic and motivating experience being Nuffnang blogger!


Zara navy knitted jumper

Mossman white leather skirt

H&M ankle boots

Versace Jeans Patent leather bag

Sportsgirl bracelet

Lovisa necklace

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Beyonce’s On The Run Tour Costumes

Beyoncé and Jay have been hitting headlines with rumours about their relationship, following the “elevator incident” and then with some woman coming out saying that she was Jay’s lover, even releasing a music video called “Sorry Mrs Carter”, and yet, through all of it, Bey and Jay were performing on their On The Run Tour, a tour which probably couldn’t have been as successful or wouldn’t even exist if the couple were in such trouble as the media is making them out to be.

Maybe when Beyoncé and Jay Z stop making songs about and featuring each other, will I believe the rumours, and maybe when their on stage chemistry isn’t smokin‘ I might just accept the fact that their relationship is coming to an end, but until that happens, I’m not gon’ give up on them.

Plus, even Queen Bey says “Who wants that perfect love story anyway?” 

Let’s be real here, Bey and Jay are “down to ride till the very end”

Now, enough with the Beyoncé/Jay Z lyrical puns, Her OTR tour costumes are some of the most incredible and bad ass costumes that we’ve seen her in!

Designers like Vogue’s ‘The Fashion Fund’ winner of 2008 Alexander Wang, Project Runway’s Michael Costello, Givenchy, Vrettos Vrettakos, Diesel, and Versace have designed costumes specifically for Beyoncé for the tour, and they’re blowing us away!

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Here’s a quick #OOTD post from a few weeks ago that I forgot to post, but still love!


Cotton On black anorak

H&M Navy skirt

Tempt Knitted Tee

H&M Bowler hat

Topshop White, black lace trim socks

Lipstik Shoes Creepers

Kardashian Kollection Studded bucket bag

Makeup by Gorgeous Cosmetics! 

Preaching a sense of selfishness: Making your lifestyle, worthwhile

A lot of thought has gone into writing this, I contemplated finishing the piece and not posting it, but I also contemplated that as much relief as I felt while writing it, may be just the same amount of relief that you might get from reading it. I’m taking this blog to a new place, starting with lifestyle, and this is something that has become very important to me, and as fashion, beauty and writing is a big part of my life, so are these concerns and so are the results of these concerns… Lets call them “revelations”.

Lately I don’t even know where to begin when it comes to, well, pretty much anything. I’m constantly busy, stressed and focusing all of my attention of things that aren’t particularly my cup of tea. I think it’s come to that time of the year when everything becomes serious (or people are finally realising that the first four months of the year could’ve been passed in a more productive way…) Regardless, everywhere I go, people are stressed.

Granted I am a year 12 student so the majority if people that I speak to are already stressing for exams, worrying about why and where they missed out on that 1% on their tests, or if you’re in my case your theatre production should be ready to perform this week and you feel completely unorganised, and, finally, our social lives are kind of hanging on by a thread.

Everyone becomes sensitive and snappy, friendships fall apart and new ones form, and sometimes you have to deal with things that are larger than you think you can cope with. If you’re like me, you begin to prioritise and you realise that this is the time in your life when sometimes you have to put yourself, your needs, and your aspirations first. So, that’s where some new philosophies, different outlooks and a welcoming mindset come in.

Sometimes, we forget what’s really important, and it takes something serious and emotionally hard to face for you to realise what it is that you’re missing. Sometimes that push we need is a push off of the edge, because once you reach the bottom, there’s no other way to go except up.

I know, it’s totally cliche, but it’s so true. In a time where you feel lost, you begin to imagine what it is that will help you to find yourself; you truly understand what’s missing, and what steps need to be taken to replace that empty feeling.

 I’m not going to take a materialistic approach and turn this around into a post about how “money can make you happy” or about how “I really needed that bag in my life” because what i’ve realised is that when you have everything emotionally, you long for material things, because we can’t help but want more. Once you experience something that may not leave you in the best place, our desire for everything else becomes overwhelming, and some manage to find happiness in inanimate objects. Those lifeless concepts that we think bring us happiness work until you need advice and have nothing to turn to except a Celiné bag and five pairs of Louboutins.

As a self-confessed materialistic person, you can quote me on the words “money doesn’t buy happiness, but i’d rather cry in my Ferrari” but here I am encouraging selfishness of a certain sort. The sort of putting your emotional needs first, and making yourself happy by what ever means possible. If that means cutting ties with people who make you unhappy, then do it. If that means sacrificing duties imposed by others so that you have the time to do something for yourself, then just do it. If it means selflessly donating your time to charity and walking away knowing that you’ve done something good, go for it. Stop worrying about what other people are going to say. Regardless of what it is that you’re doing, ask yourself “will this make me happy?” if the answer is “yes” or “in time, this will make me happy” then reach for it, because you will never be truly content if you are hiding what you feel for the convention of others. Keeping peace can only go so far until your inner peace is shattered, and once something is shattered, it is close to impossible to glue back together.

Sometimes you have to listen to Queen Elsa and “Let it Go”, and sometimes, you have to put people in a position to do the same.

I think that the original idea behind this post is that there are two types of selfish, and that one of them isn’t selfish at all, because in the end, if you’re happy, you therefore become capable of making others happy, and what’s selfish about that?



You’re the moon of my life

My Sun and Stars
You're the moon of my life

This look is inspired by season 4 Game of Thrones… Not just because I am obsessed with the series, but because once I saw this dress, it reminded me of the incredibly romantic and amazing relationship between Daenerys and Drogo, and the part in the story when they call each other “moon of my life” and “my sun and stars”, and everyone ended up loving them as a couple.

This is also a look that I have been slowly trying to achieve by purchasing the boots, a similar bag, and a leather jacket. It’s all apart of my quest to mix casual and dressy. It’s also an expression of all of my latest obsessions, which are dresses, leather and black. All I’ve been wearing lately is black and I love it so much.

Also, the Melbourne weather is finally allowing me to wear Autumn/Winter clothes, and I’m so happy because Autumn/Winter is my favourite season in fashion!

My main goal is to achieve an outfit similar to this

With the Autumn/Winter season creeping up on us over here in Australia, and the return of Game of Thrones to our screens, I think it’s safe to say that obsessions can easily (and subconsciously) influence our style!

Last but not least, even in Game of Thrones, they know a thing or two about fashion (hint: spoiler)

joffreyI couldn’t help myself… Adios King Joffrey!

Motel short sleeve babydoll dress
$59 – topshop.com

Black jacket
$515 – thegrandsocial.com.au

H M fleece tight
$13 – hm.com

H&M platform boots
$50 – hm.com

Brian Lichtenberg hat

Iphone case

Nars cosmetic

Head to toe Alexander Wang. Not even sorry.

Head to toe Alexander Wang. Not even sorry.

Just a quick A-Wang appreciation post because, really, who doesn’t love Mr Wang?

By the way, monochrome with a pop of colour? Do it. No explanation needed, just do it. You’ll find that your outfit will be really chic and sophisticated when you have a plain white top, black accessories and a printed or coloured skirt!

Try teaming your simple monochrome outfits with ankle or knee-high boots for instant style points!

Here are some of my favourite Alexander Wang ankle boots!

Alexander Wang crop top

Alexander Wang mini skirt
$275 – theoutnet.com

Mishaps and Mischief: How things going from bad to worse make amazing memories

Last Thursday night (21/11) two of my best friends and I went to the Elle and Topshop Australia reader event held in Topshop Chapel Street. It was a day full of mishaps, train missing, high heel running, makeovers and being stranded in the city till midnight!

If that wasn’t all, the outfit I had planned to wear, wait for it, ripped!



So, Instead I had to re-create my whole outfit, and boy was I upset!


However, things happen for a reason, and that night full of mishaps and outfit emergencies ended up being one of my highlights of my year with two of my favourite people!

Elle and Topshop held a great event. The evening started with drinks and a kind welcome at the door by the staff. It was followed by some browsing of the store and persuading ourselves to buy things because we were offered a 20% discount on all items. The store offered free makeovers and held a trend talk with the editors of Elle Australia and their takes on how European trends seen in the Spring fashion festival can be reproduced using Topshop items. I would like to make a personal shout out and a special thank you to the makeup artist; She was a very sweet lady who done a magnificent job when choosing colours and products that would suit us. Her kindess made the wait in line for the makeover worth it!

At the end of the night, although we were stranded in Chapel Street, it was an unforgettable night with an amazing atmosphere and fantastic, energetic and fun people!

One last thing: A special thank you to my two gemelli (twins), without you guys, I would not have enjoyed myself so much. You guys never fail to make me smile and never judge me, even when I vigorously plan things and they don’t turn out how I want them to and we end up missing trains, running uphill and downhill in heels and speed walking in the wrong direction!

Love you guys! xx

Keep an eye out for a post on the makeup products we tried, tested and purchased and how different lipstick colours match different people’s skin tones, types and style!

Envelope Clutches!

Envelope Clutches, You won’t be able to leave the house without one!

My favourites are the leather envelope clutches, to me, they just scream elegance, sophistication as well as convenience. You can fit so much in them and they look great with any outfit!

Spring/Summer’14 Musts: Shoes

These wedges have stolen my heart and will soon affect my hip pocket, but I will be happy about it.

windsor smith shoes


These beautiful leather, 14cm high platforms are perfect for those simple summer outfits and strolling along on those relaxing summer nights. My favourite ones, the ones that will be added to my constantly growing shoe rack will be the white ones.

At $159.95, Windsor Smith has done it again and perfectly combined style, comfort and suave for the summer lovin’, fashion abiding girl in all of us!

It’s not a purse, it’s a satchel.

It's not a purse, it's a satchel.


This satchel… Well, whats not to love about this satchel? The shape is perfect, the style is simplistic and the colours are so versatile that you will be able to utilise it for years. I introduce you to; The Mulberry Effie Satchel.
The key thing to remember with this accessory is that
It’s not a purse, It’s a satchel… and Indiana Jones wears one.