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Baby girl’s nursery inspo

Baby girl's nursery inspo

Here is a quick “I’m meant to be studying but I haven’t posted in a while” post!

I made this edit a few weeks ago but never got around to sharing it, I think it’s the perfect balance of cute, cozy, practical and sophisticated, with calming colours and a relaxing vibe!

Playing around with wallpaper can be fun, as can mixing two different types of wallpaper to create a very unique and personal room!

I envision this room to be perfect for a little girl, who definitely has room to grow, as the main features of the room don’t define an age and are easily adjustable to a growing and changing person! The pendant is very minimalistic, as it is artistic and just beautiful in general, while the illustrations are cute decorations and are very suitable for a child!

Links to all of the pieces in the edit are below!

Moooi lighting

H M cotton curtain
$25 – hm.com

White home decor
$140 – fantasticfurniture.com.au

Wall art

Thibaut yellow home decor
$71 – fabricsandpapers.com

Wall art

Vinyl home decor

LSA International handmade home decor
$24 – oliverbonas.com

White home decor

Prinz frame

Royal Doulton ivory figurine
$84 – royaldoulton.co.uk

White armchair
$670 – dwell.co.uk

Replica furniture
$645 – mattblatt.com.au


Here’s a quick #OOTD post from a few weeks ago that I forgot to post, but still love!


Cotton On black anorak

H&M Navy skirt

Tempt Knitted Tee

H&M Bowler hat

Topshop White, black lace trim socks

Lipstik Shoes Creepers

Kardashian Kollection Studded bucket bag

Makeup by Gorgeous Cosmetics! 

Interior design; your chance to combine style and comfort

I must say, I’ve always loved interior design, but I didn’t think i’d bring home decor to The Fashion Journals!
Can I even call this blog The Fashion Journals if it’s not just fashion anymore?!
Regardless, here are my absolute favourite pieces that i’ve sourced from my favourite local stores which have captured my attention and stolen my heart. I’m not even joking, i’m obsessed!
So, here is a look into the living room and bedroom of my future home or apartment! I’m going for the livable, comfortable, stylish, modern art gallery type of look, which is both colourful and minimalistic, while still incredibly practical, making a house really feel like a home!

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Stay tuned to discover my go-to stores for fashion and interior design in Melbourne (and Australia) Post coming soon!

“Imitation is the highest form of flattery”

We all know that when it comes to fashion, designers all over the world draw inspiration from each other, further exposing amazing pieces of clothing, jewellery and accessories to the fashion moguls of the world. Although some pieces are dramatically changed and adapted into the iconic signatures of each designer and fashion house, some stay very true to their original concept and design. This type of imitation within the fashion industry is completely acceptable is recognised as a smart marketing scheme, making high statement fashion pieces affordable for all different types of people.

Imitation within the fashion industry is absolutely adequate. However, there are many times where copying is not reasonable, making imitation not only annoying but extremely generic and potentially destructive to trends and style. To gain inspiration from someone’s outfit is fine. To completely take their whole look and use it as your own, is not.

At the moment, this form of imitation has been causing me much distress (this is not an overreaction) only for the reason that you cannot go out without looking the same as everyone else. My favourite quote, which is clearly stated at the top of my blog is “People shouldn’t succumb to trend, they should interpret trend”. To put it simply, just because an accessory, type of jacket, pant or shoe is popular or “in style” it doesn’t mean that you should go out of your way to have it. Fashion is all about standing out and expressing who you are through your outfit. It is a way to express your passions, your emotions and your personal outlook on things without having to say a word. Take a printed top as an example; Is the top printed with the name and logo of your favourite band? Or have you bought a Nirvana t-shirt without knowing who Kurt Cobain is? Are you wearing the same pair of jeans as the three other girls (or boys) standing in front of you in the line to the counter while purchasing the leather sleeved cardigan that every Cara, Miranda and Poppy are wearing?

Naturally, I shouldn’t be the person making decisions for you, and if you love those jeans, who am I to stop you from purchasing them? The point is, do not buy them just because everyone else has them. Imitating someone’s style is almost as bad as cutting and pasting your essay and trying to pass it off as your own. Not only is it tacky, but it is also annoying for the people who genuinely love that item of clothing or accessory!

I do not know if it is just me, but I like to go out wearing my favourite outfit, knowing that I put it together and that I was able to choose every piece that I am wearing in order to create the look that I am going for. Individuality is key to making fashion work for you, and succumbing to trend is the perfect way to hide who you are and your singularity.