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Yeah but can your bronzer do this?

Mine can.

Like I mentioned in my MAC Cream Colour Base review, I am obsessed with products that I can use multiple ways.

Rightfully named, the NARS Le Multiple makeup stick is possibly the coolest product i’ve purchased. It comes in 10 different colours, and I bought the shade Na Pali Coast, which is a beautiful copper colour with a shimmer. The best thing about it is that it’s intended that you use it on your lips, cheeks and eyes, even simultaneously.



The consistency of the product itself is a cream to powder formula, so when you apply, it blends really easily but still has the pigmentation and durability of a cream.

I use Na Pali Coast as a bronzer more than anything because I find the shade works really well in creating dimensions in my face under my cheekbone to contour, but also doubles as a blush if I build it up. That was actually what persuaded me to buy it, because I was looking at the shade Orgasm, which is gorgeous, but I already have the powder blush, and wanted something slightly more versatile.


I’ve used it on my eyes as well, and it’s really pretty, but I think it’s more suited to someone with brown or darker eyes, because my hazel eyes were too light for it. I also feel like it’s a colour that looks awesome with a dark crimson lip, which I did, but my skin is also a bit too pale for both products together.

With that being said though, I think Na Pali Coast is a great colour for anyone. It’s so unique and the contrast of the silver shimmer with the copper really doesn’t tailor it to a certain person.


Overall, I’ve got nothing but praises for this product, and would love to try out some of the other colours in NARS’ The Multiple range.


Favourite sets to date

This collection is based solely on what I have put together from either experience or based on something that I would love to wear and want to persevere to buy for myself! These are probably some of my best sets to date!

Linens, Boat-necks and Midi’s

Linens, Boat-necks and Midi'sChannel your inner Chanel and your inner lady (even if it’s way way deep down!) and embrace the slimming, loose fits and the amazing prints as shown in Paris Fashion Week!


Très Chic

Très Chic

Take it from Australian Icon Miranda Kerr, It’s the simple pieces that make all the difference!

It’s like what Drake says “Sweat pants, hair tied, chilling with no makeup on; That’s when you’re the prettiest.”

It’s when you’re simple and down to Earth that gets you the attention for the right reasons; So take a page from Miranda Kerr’s book and stay classy, San Diego 


Also, We’re kicking right into Paris Fashion Week, Where even your name with a french accent sounds fashionable!

So, get out your best veste en cuir and pretend that you can parlez français to be the ultimate graphisme de mode!

Balenciaga motorcycle jacket

Slip on booties
$185 – windsorsmith.com.au

Coast jewelry
$40 – coast-stores.com

Cotton beanie

Linda Farrow sunglasses
$445 – liberty.co.uk