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Close your eyes and let the world paint a thousand pictures


How to be a hat person in one easy step

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Love me a mini bag

Picture this: You’re super busy, perhaps you’re shopping up a storm, testing out the NARS Steven Klein collection, and suddenly you’re juggling the products and a big hand bag on your arm, and then you start to ache; big red and white lines appear from where you’ve accidentally cut circulation, then finally, you leave the store with nothing to show for your trouble.

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|| Neutral 2 ||

I know, I have an obsession with midi skirts and killer handbags.
I’m not going to apologise though, because you’ll be thanking me later.
Lately all of my edits have included items that are on my wishlist, and I finally got around to buying a Khaki midi skirt, yay!
I’m also torn between the Furla Metropolis Mini hip bag and this Alexander Wang bag, I think the Furla is the more affordable option though, so that solves that issue.
Finally, I need a pair of knee high boots! I am literally searching high and low for the perfect pair (at the perfect price) and let me tell you, with my taste it is not an easy task!
|| Neutral 2 ||


If you guys have found an affordable pair of knee high boots, let me know!

Also, which bag do you guys prefer? The Furla or the Alexander Wang?

|| Neutral 2 || by thefashionjournals. Shop the look below!

Green skirt
17 AUD – amazon.com

River Island clothing
50 AUD – riverisland.com

Knee high boots

Alexander Wang studded purse
1 345 AUD – avenue32.com

Choker necklace

Topshop Topman Student Lates

Don’t ask why it’s called “Student Lates”, because I’m not entirely sure… However I did have a good time at this Topshop event in Melbourne’s Emporium Topshop Topman store. Seriously, who would say no to 20% off everything, free popcorn and free drinks? Not me!

I’ve had my eye on Topshop’s capes for a really long time, and I tried them on a while ago, but couldn’t justify spending $78 on something that reminded me of a blanket. Technically, I liked the idea of wearing something that seemed like a blanket, especially since I was going to be at university and thought that it would be cool to sit in a cold lecture theatre with something that resembled a blanket but was acceptable to actually wear out in public.

I also tried on a pair of their black Joni jeans and I actually liked them! Every pair of jeans I have, and will ever own from Topshop are Jamie’s and I swear by them, but I think these will be my next jean purchase, they’re so comfortable and they don’t feel like jeans at all!

In the end, however, I did decide to get the black and white cape, and I can’t wait until Melbourne delivers a nice, cold autumn day and I can wear it without looking like an idiot.

Uni Chic

So tomorrow I have my first day of university orientation, or as everyone except me seems to call it “O-Week”. I’m not going to lie, I’m a little nervous, but then every time I think I’m nervous I remember that I don’t actually have any classes, and just have a “welcome lecture” and then I’m finished by 11am…

One thing that has been on my mind since I got into university is that I need to buy things specifically for uni, such as basic tops, another pair of jeans/pants, and maybe another jacket or two, not to mention a pair of black converse and flat boots…

So far, out of that whole list I have purchased a black Agent Ninteynine tote bag from General Pants, and a Marc by Marc Jacobs cosmetics case… I obviously needed a plain tote bag for school considering i’ll need a bag that’s big enough to carry books, my laptop and an iPad, while also versatile enough to use every day with any outfit. The cosmetics case on the other hand was an impulse buy after deciding that I needed a case to carry essentials in the event that I needed to touch up after a long day or if I was in a rush and didn’t get a chance to put on/finish my makeup routine. I work at David Jones for Mimco and therefore am located in the contemporary handbags department, and various Marc by Marc Jacobs items were on the counter and after a long shift, I couldn’t help myself!

In the edit above I have tried to be a little creative with potential outfits that I can wear to uni; who says that school attire has to be boringly casual? Did we learn nothing from NYFW street style?!

Quite the formal occasion…

I have been incredibly delayed in posting these past few weeks. With the conclusion of my final exams, my year 12 formal, training for work, and finally, actually working, I have had little to no time to properly edit all of my drafts!

With that being said, however, here I am, finishing what I started and meant to do almost two weeks ago!

On November 19, at 2:00pm, I was free from the burden that was exams. After (accidentally)  swearing on my Italian exam, and stressing about my formal dress for weeks, the day had finally come; the day that I had planned to do none other than prepare solely for that night. I booked a makeup application appointment with Mecca Maxima at Highpoint, and then a hair styling appointment at my favourite local salon, Linear in Caroline Springs.

The makeup artist, I believe her name was Jess, was incredibly sweet, and so talented. I felt like crying when I had to wash off my eye makeup! They don’t call them makeup ‘artists’ for nothing!

As a result of the makeup application, I could redeem $90 worth of products!!! I was so excited because I had been planning and waiting for this for months!

I redeemed:

 Kit. Cosmetics False Eyelashes (paparazzi)

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer (In Custard)

 Nars Albatross Highlighter 

Nars Pure Matte Lipstick in Bangkok

Yes, I know, Nars overload, but boy was it worth it!!! 

My formal dress was from a boutique called Seagulls of St. Kilda on Acland Street, and after a lot of deliberation, I fell in love with this dress!

The only complaint that I can make is that my ridiculously un-photogenic self doesn’t have one decent full length photo from the night! Regardless, here are my attempts!

Beauty haul and November Favourites will be up soon!

DS xx

One pair of shorts, three different ways

One pair of shorts, three different ways

Why complain about the summer heat when you can face it with style?

Short sleeve shirt

T By Alexander Wang white crop top
$485 – farfetch.com

Shakuhachi leather shirt

One Teaspoon short shorts
$160 – jades24.com

Black booties

Ballet flat

How to: smart casual

Got somewhere to be? Do you have work meetings or interviews and never know what to wear? Well, I can give you a run down of the basics!

In the cold, corporate world there is a strict dress code, and first appearances mean almost everything. Here are some rules to abide by for the next time you find yourself in a spot of bother.

1) Block colours are a necessity. In many instances, an employer is not only looking for professionalism, but also for personality. Depending on the work place, playing it safe and practical is probably the best way to go. Black and white is always perfect, because you can still wear things that are suited to your style, but also come across as a well put-together person!

2) Watch the length of your skirt. You don’t want to be walking up stairs while desperately tugging at your skirt. If it’s a loose fitting skirt, the wind is your worst nightmare!

3) Basic and elegant makeup. This means that you’ll probably have to save the electric blue eyeliner and baby blue eyeshadow for the weekend.

4) Practical shoes. What position are you applying for? What type of job? Wearing your gorgeous sky high heels is probably great practise for your next outing, but probably not the best idea for your interview! Heels are definitely acceptable, just make sure you know how to walk in them!

5) Coming from the person who adores ripped jeans – Don’t even think about wearing them for your interview! So maybe you want to wear black pants, great idea! You can probably get away with wearing black jeans and making them fit into the ‘smart casual’ bracket. Ripped jeans, however, are a massive no!

Stick to things like shirts (that actually fit you!), plain skirts, black pants and comfortable shoes!

Below i’m wearing:

  • Missguided Morticia Skull Lazer Cut Bodycon dress in black
  • Bardot oversized military coat
  • H&M Boots and Bag

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Must have: Mesh tops

Mesh and gold

Not only are mesh tops so so so chic, but they’re so easy to wear!

Regardless of your style, whether you prefer boho chic, casual or sports-luxe, mesh is easily adaptable to suit every occasion for every style.

In the edit above, i’ve gone for the Parisian chic type of look that has been sported a lot recently during Paris Fashion Week.

Personally, I love mesh and I can see mesh pieces becoming classic items which can be worn for quite some time, almost as versatile as the LBD!

(Bonus points if your LBD is mesh!)

Topshop mesh top
$49 – topshop.com

Schutz shoes

Skagen rose gold mesh bracelet
$250 – johnlewis.com

Chanel makeup

Nars cosmetic

Nars cosmetic

MAC Cosmetics lips makeup
$25 – johnlewis.com

Butter london nail polish

“I love you.” “…So what?” “…So what? So plenty!”

There are many things that I love about Breakfast At Tiffany’s. Firstly, the novel was written by one of my favourite authors, Truman Capote. Secondly I feel like Ms Golightly, although beautiful in appearance, and alluring in aura, is very very emotionally damaged. I feel like it’s a trait that anyone who has dreams goes through. Anyone who has been hurt can understand where Ms Golightly is coming from.

Not only that, there’s something about Breakfast at Tiffany’s that makes me nostalgic of places I’ve never been to, and people that I’ve never met (or exist… book characters…) and also makes me fall in love with the idea of New York even more than usual!

However, it is also so beautifully classic with regard to the fashion seen in the film, worn by the elegant, free spirited Holly Golightly. Even the idea of keeping a stray ginger cat and taking daily strolls through Tiffany & Co. is so much more appealing when you’re dressed like so.

Honestly, since watching Breakfast At Tiffany’s at this age, I’ve developed a yearning to dress in gorgeous black Givenchy dresses everyday, with over sized hats, hiding behind the classic “Audrey” sunglasses.

On Trend: Faux Leather Skirts!

One of the chicest skirts to ever grace the streets – Faux leather skirts!

 The versatility with the simple, leather look skirt is incredible. This skirt can be anything that you want it to be. Elegant? check, Casual? check. 

The faux leather skirt is the biggest staple in street style at the moment, for anyone and any style!

I want everyone to stop considering the leather skirt as a risk, and befriend the amazing piece, as there are styles and cuts to suit everyone, every shape, and every mood!

Here are some more examples of how you can style a leather skirt for various occasions! (Excuse the poses, i’m a writer and stylist, not a model!)


Here’s a quick #OOTD post from a few weeks ago that I forgot to post, but still love!


Cotton On black anorak

H&M Navy skirt

Tempt Knitted Tee

H&M Bowler hat

Topshop White, black lace trim socks

Lipstik Shoes Creepers

Kardashian Kollection Studded bucket bag

Makeup by Gorgeous Cosmetics! 

Kindness is the new black

Firstly, I’d like to say that this post has absolutely nothing to do with fashion, and once I started writing, I took this post to a whole other place that I wasn’t expecting, but I think it’s an important thought to share. Excuse me for what I presume will be a very blunt and straight forward rant, because I’ve been awake for far too long, and frankly, I’ve had enough.

As humans, we are capable of a range of emotions and opinions, and most of the time, we have the freedom to express our feelings, which is amazing, considering that at certain times in history, and in certain countries today, people would die as a punishment for having an opinion. Opinions motivate people to achieve great things, think along the lines of governments passing gay marriage bills, and major campaigns that influence a population (Kony 2012, political campaigns, right down to social partitions). Even something like a blog (hi) can influence your opinion on a topic, or encourage you to share your own view. All of these opportunities are great, and we are lucky that we have so many different ways of communicating the things we are passionate about, however, sometimes we can tend to take things out of hand, and draw our opinions to a public platform and shine them in a negative light.

Everyone is capable of of being unkind, and sometimes, we are without even noticing. I do it, and have become notorious for my excellence in ranting about people and the illogical things that they do. I know that I do it, and after I do, I regret saying some of the things that I said. Why? Mostly because I would never say those things to the actual person that I was talking about, which brings me to the conclusion that if you wouldn’t tell the person that you think their opinions, actions, or what ever it is about them that bothers you is stupid, then you shouldn’t say it at all.

The majority of us have always been taught “Treat others how you would want to be treated”  and things like “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all”, and it hasn’t been until recently that i’ve realised that this glorification of bitchy attitudes that we’ve been exposed to through movies, television and social media (especially tumblr) isn’t the type of attributes that we should be priding ourselves with.

I want to meet the person who decided to glorify the sarcastic nature, who made it ‘cool’ to be rude. I want to meet that person and ask them what they gained from having a personality that borderlines manipulative and contemptuous. I would hate to think that the people that I surround myself with will happily start talking about me behind my back, or further, have the cruel confidence to attempt to tear me down in front of other people, in turn causing self esteem issues and humiliation.

We looked up to films like ‘Mean Girls’ and were even shown the film in schools, and we tried to promote anti-bullying, but all it did was emphasise that the mean girls are the prettiest and the most popular in the world of the film, and then, we as an audience begin to idolise the lifestyle of the characters. Yes, we ridicule some of their traits, and we thank every higher being that our mothers are not like Regina George’s, but when we are shown the average students, the ones who think that “Regina George is flawless”, they are depicted as unattractive people, with unflattering makeup and costumes, who we automatically assume are at the bottom of the social pyramid, and this was a very conscious and stereotypical directorial decision which degrades people, and gives the audience the impression that the ones who will prosper and be idolised are the characters with horrible and decieving personalities. It is literally a movie about mean people battling other mean people in a quest to humiliate each other. Don’t get me wrong, I loved watching ‘Mean Girls’ and quoting the film, and it does tackle the issue of bullying, social status and friendship, but only if you look into it deep enough.  So many people emulate that movie in the wrong way, they want to be the mean girls, but why?

The other night I was scrolling through my twitter feed and came across a tweet that may not seem that big of a deal, but it offended me. It said something along the lines of “Do you ever look at the amount of pimples someone has and then cringe?” I understand that this is something that would legitimately run through some people’s minds, and I can guarantee you that there will be a time when you come across someone with a pimple that distracts you from what they’re saying, and coming from someone who does struggle with skin problems and sensitive skin, I notice other people’s acne probably more than others would, mostly because I am so conscious about my own skin; but I would never make those thoughts public knowledge.

There is a strong difference between thinking something about a person’s physical attributes, and actually publicising your thoughts for everyone else to see. I can guarantee that everyone is self conscious about something, but it’s just common courtesy to ignore the flaw in their appearance and, if you must judge, judge a person by their personality.

Yes, as humans we are naturally judgemental, there is no denying it, I can be very judgemental, and I cannot argue otherwise. It is a sub conscious mechanism that we use to distinguish whether we like someone or not, or to protect ourselves from harm. Really though, why would you purposely be so mean to people? Is it because you need to point our other people’s flaws in an attempt to distract others from yours, or do you think that intimidating people will make you seem cool?

Another time, I was at a school retreat, and over heard a group of girls talking about another girl who was meant to be one of their best friends. The vivid vulgarity of their words shocked me, I couldn’t understand how they could loudly speak of someone in such a discriminating way. What was worse is that out of the eight of them, not one of those people defended their friend, and instead, joined in to the conversation, adding fuel to the flame. I know that looking back, I can’t talk to any of those girls without thinking “imagine what they’re going to say about me when I walk away”, and worse than that, regardless of how nice either one of them may seem, I can’t bring myself to trust them.

We were taught kindness, we were taught compassion, and we were taught manners. We were given a voice to speak up about the injustices in the world, and we were given a voice to share our opinions, to contribute to the life and the environment that we build for ourselves, yet here we are, polluting this environment with damaging words. We are inevitably isolating ourselves from the positives in people because we drown ourselves in their flaws. We are limiting the capabilities of incredible people because other superficial people decide that they aren’t “hot enough” to be apart of something.

When did we come to this, and why do we give those who judge and degrade people, the power to decide what others are capable of?

My original concept was to base this article around this comment that I saw on a photo of Kim Kardashian and North West, but I got a little carried away… Sorry!


*The intention of this article isn’t to offend. As for the tweet mentioned, my intention is not to confront, but to emphasise my point.*