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|| Neutral 2 ||

I know, I have an obsession with midi skirts and killer handbags.
I’m not going to apologise though, because you’ll be thanking me later.
Lately all of my edits have included items that are on my wishlist, and I finally got around to buying a Khaki midi skirt, yay!
I’m also torn between the Furla Metropolis Mini hip bag and this Alexander Wang bag, I think the Furla is the more affordable option though, so that solves that issue.
Finally, I need a pair of knee high boots! I am literally searching high and low for the perfect pair (at the perfect price) and let me tell you, with my taste it is not an easy task!
|| Neutral 2 ||


If you guys have found an affordable pair of knee high boots, let me know!

Also, which bag do you guys prefer? The Furla or the Alexander Wang?

|| Neutral 2 || by thefashionjournals. Shop the look below!

Green skirt
17 AUD – amazon.com

River Island clothing
50 AUD – riverisland.com

Knee high boots

Alexander Wang studded purse
1 345 AUD – avenue32.com

Choker necklace

I am back and I am sorry

Winter #3


I am so sorry for not posting for over a week! In the mean time, I’ve been working on a sister blog called TFJ UNI STYLE. It originally started solely because I had an assignment where I had to create a unique blog based on a passion, and now I have heaps of things planned for it because I think it’s something that can really benefit my uni student reader demographic.

With that being said though, TFJ is my BAE and I just haven’t had a chance this past week to spend some quality time on it. Rest assured though, that as of this Thursday I will be on a two month break from uni so there will literally be a post every day.

This outfit idea came to me when I tried on the Max Mara Rialto hooded coat but wasn’t a massive fan of the sleeves. I loved the idea of a structured camel vest with statement leather pants, so I teamed this Theory trench with Yves Saint Laurent pants. I absolutely love the texture of the A Wang bag and how it gives the outfit a nice twist. I think my next major bag purchase will definitely be one of the Alexander Wang Rockie bags, I absolutely love them.

Shop the look in the links below!

Theory trench coat
960 AUD – matchesfashion.com

Yves Saint Laurent black pants
2 820 AUD – montaignemarket.com

Acne Studios black boots
725 AUD – openingceremony.us

Alexander Wang handbag
1 010 AUD – bergdorfgoodman.com

Big Bang Mid Neck

Fairy floss

I just really, really like tulle skirts and a chic ballerina look.
Fairy floss

Alexander Wang short jersey top
305 AUD – theoutnet.com

David Koma black skirt
1 435 AUD – hlorenzo.com

Sophia Webster grey shoes
1 475 AUD – fwrd.com

Kenzo pink handbag
315 AUD – shopbop.com

Nocturne collar necklace
615 AUD – luisaviaroma.com

Swarovski jewelry
90 AUD – swarovski.com

94 AUD – mintvelvet.co.uk

Wildfox cat sunglasses
230 AUD – dollskill.com

Benefit eye makeup
31 AUD – macys.com

Nars cosmetic
39 AUD – narscosmetics.com

Too Faced Cosmetics lipstick
27 AUD – beauty.com

Christian Dior perfume fragrance
100 AUD – boots.com

I just want to see the world

I just want to get away

I have a serious case of wanderlust and it’s not going away!

Knowing that Coachella is happening and i’m not there is making it worse, and so is watching any TV show that’s based in New York. Let’s not even get me started on my desperate need to go to London.

I just really want to travel the world and feel those emotions that I felt when I was away exactly two years ago. It’s been two years too long.

Due to my wanderlust I created this edit. It’s just one of those “if I were getting on a plane right now what would I wear?” edits. Yes, I would wear jeans, I could sleep in jeans if I wanted to.

Here’s to staying in school and the thought of dancing at Coachella.


by thefashionjournals featuring

Miss Selfridge gray t shirt
32 AUD – missselfridge.com

Slim jeans

Big Bang Mid Neck

Alexander Wang leather crossbody handbag
1 070 AUD – thecorner.com

Royce Leather leather travel wallet
65 AUD – bluefly.com

Bangle jewelry

Stella Dot gold scarve
89 AUD – stelladot.com

Le Specs hippie sunglasses
97 AUD – veryexclusive.co.uk

Victoria s Secret toiletry kit
41 AUD – victoriassecret.com

NARS Cosmetics travel toiletry bag
185 AUD – selfridges.com

World Travel Journal by Hayden Leather
125 AUD – roztayger.com

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Beyonce’s On The Run Tour Costumes

Beyoncé and Jay have been hitting headlines with rumours about their relationship, following the “elevator incident” and then with some woman coming out saying that she was Jay’s lover, even releasing a music video called “Sorry Mrs Carter”, and yet, through all of it, Bey and Jay were performing on their On The Run Tour, a tour which probably couldn’t have been as successful or wouldn’t even exist if the couple were in such trouble as the media is making them out to be.

Maybe when Beyoncé and Jay Z stop making songs about and featuring each other, will I believe the rumours, and maybe when their on stage chemistry isn’t smokin‘ I might just accept the fact that their relationship is coming to an end, but until that happens, I’m not gon’ give up on them.

Plus, even Queen Bey says “Who wants that perfect love story anyway?” 

Let’s be real here, Bey and Jay are “down to ride till the very end”

Now, enough with the Beyoncé/Jay Z lyrical puns, Her OTR tour costumes are some of the most incredible and bad ass costumes that we’ve seen her in!

Designers like Vogue’s ‘The Fashion Fund’ winner of 2008 Alexander Wang, Project Runway’s Michael Costello, Givenchy, Vrettos Vrettakos, Diesel, and Versace have designed costumes specifically for Beyoncé for the tour, and they’re blowing us away!

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A compilation of every material thing that I’m loving right now

A compilation of every material thing that I want

Materialistic? Probably.

Motivating? Oh yeah.

I’m just happy that I can tick off the Topshop Jeans, the Tiffany necklace and the Real Techniques cosmetic brushes!

Estradeur crop shirt
$24 – nelly.de

Alexander Wang short boots

Pieces mesh zipper bag
$55 – pieces.com

Yves Saint Laurent black ring
$300 – selfridges.com

Kenzo stackable ring

Yves Saint Laurent black ring
$335 – ekseption.es

Kenzo tech accessory

CÉLINE celine sunglasses
$360 – harveynichols.com

Shiseido makeup

Nars cosmetic

Giorgio Armani mascara
$44 – selfridges.com

Benefit makeup

PUR lips makeup

Rimmel concealer
$9.41 – boots.com

Japonesque eyelash curler
$29 – meccacosmetica.com.au

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics eyeliner
$33 – meccacosmetica.com.au

Urban Decay face powder

Makeup brush
$28 – meccacosmetica.com.au

Face toner

Clinique face care

Givenchy cosmetic bag
$395 – brownsfashion.com

Beauty product
$36 – thehut.com

NOMADIC Little Black Book’ – Lined Notebook
$18 – thegrandsocial.com.au

The storming of the Pastille

The storming of the Pastille

See what I did there?… “Pastille” …”Bastille”…

The Bastille: French revolution… I should have been studying, but I made this edit instead.

What I like about this, though, is that these pastel colours remind me of pre-revolutionary France… Marie Antoinette, tea parties, pretty gardens and colourful, dainty desserts in Versaille…

Also, Pastel colours are taking the fashion scene by storm overseas especially with the warmer months settling in in Europe and the US.

The Bastille was stormed on the 14th of July, 1789, marking Bastille Day…

We are less than a month shy of July…

Coinsidence? I think not!

Would you look at that? together, we’re studying for History revolutions!

I guess sometimes (like now), things can subconsciously link together, and I kind of love it when that happens!

Alexander Wang skirt

Vegan shoes

Givenchy shoulder bag

Kenzo tech accessory

Vintage sunglasses

MAC Cosmetics lipstick

Marc Jacobs daisy perfume
$115 – boots.com

Body moisturizer

Essie nail polish

Framed wall art

Chanel wall art

Easter basket

Get the look: Parlez-vous français ?

Get the look: French editor


Vanessa Bruno black jacket

Mimco bag
$65 – mimco.com.au

Pendant necklace

Nars cosmetic

Nars cosmetic
$32 – johnlewis.com

H&M Melbourne Grand Opening: Saturday 5th April

H&M: My favourite international store ever has finally opened up in Melbourne’s GPO building!

With me were five other friends, two of which were Italian exchange students! Unluckily enough for my friends, I made them wake up early on a Saturday morning, jump on a train, and endure the incredibly long line that would gain us entry to the largest H&M concept store in the world! After almost two hours of waiting in line, we entered into the three story GPO building in the heart of Melbourne. The wait was very well worth it! The store seemed like a never ending heaven, beautifully lit with white walls; an overwhelming feeling to buy everything surged through me and everything on the shelves attracted my attention. The displays neatly presented every item in a way that made each item seem unique and special. I honestly cannot tell you if this was the reality, or my excited, hazed mind that found everything to be so perfect.

Admittedly, I had been preparing for this opening for a few months in advance, and so, I had printed a shopping list of my desired items, ready for the day where I could finally purchase them!

Screen shot 2014-04-13 at 3.34.38 PMI am proud to say that I did purchase 4/5 items. The mesh dress, the platform boots, the pleather bag and the striped jersey skirt. Sadly, I couldn’t find the pouch bag in store, but then again, the store was massive and filled with a few hundred people so I guess I can’t complain at all!

H&M Melbourne is the most recent of 3,200 H&M stores that are spread across 54 countries. The first H&M store opened in Västerås, Sweden in 1947 and was known as Hennes. In 1968, after Hennes expands to Norway, the founder of Hennes, Erling Persson, buys a hunting and fishing equipment store called Mauritz Widforss. Hennes is now changed to Hennes and Mauritz and now sells women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing. By 1967, stores outside of Scandinavia open in the UK, Germany, Netherlands, France, and then in 2000, the first store outside of Europe opens on Fifth Avenue, New York.

In 2004, H&M begins collaborating with designers to create affordable, yet fashionable and ‘labelled’ items. Collaborations with designers such as Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Viktor & Rolf, Madonna, Roberto Cavalli, Comme des Garçons, Matthew Williamson, Jimmy Choo, Sonia Rykiel, Lanvin, Versace, Marni, David Beckham, Anna Dello Russo, Maison Martin Margiela and more recently, Isabel Marant.

The Fashion Journals is proud to announce H&M’s latest collaboration, with my personal favourite designer and creative director, no other than Alexander Wang! Expected to launch on the 6th of November this year, H&M announced this news on Sunday April 15 via the Alexander Wang official Instagram, sending both H&M and Alexander Wang fans into a spiral of excitement and anticipation! Wang commented on the collaboration Sunday morning, stating that:

“I am honoured to be a part of H&M’s designer collaborations,”

“The work with their team is an exciting, fun process. They are very open to pushing boundaries and to set a platform for creativity. This will be a great way for a wider audience to experience elements of the Alexander Wang brand and lifestyle.”

wang x hm

With an expansion to Australia and H&M reaching success in each one of their stores that are spread out worldwide, I believe that H&M is at it’s peak of success, and 2013 is just the beginning of their Australian and international expansion and recognition, as H&M has been making headlines across Australia since it’s arrival.

All in all, the H&M store in Melbourne’s GPO building is a fantastic store that caters for everyone, regardless of style or size, and is also affordable for everyone, and further is of a great quality for the price!

I will definitely be returning to H&M as soon as I can, ready with a new shopping list!

Photos courtesy of Sarah C!

Adore you; The Miley appreciation post

Adore you; the Miley appreciation edit.

One thing to remember with people who are heavily followed by the media; Everything they do has a purpose.

Think along the lines of celebrity psychology, these people are under tremendous pressure to be a role model, to put up with hate mail, slamming articles and photo spreads in magazines that share photos with captions that are used completely out of context that end up making completely BS headlines.

Miley Cyrus: Disney sweetheart who grew up and no longer fits into the ‘Disney role model’ stereotype, involved in scandals and portraying unacceptable behavior in public.

Who cares?

Miley is a typical 21 year old woman who enjoys life, makes mistakes, and learns from them. What we as an international audience to this girl’s life see is a soon to be train wreck, but what some don’t understand though is that everything that Miley does in public has a purpose.

Twerk while wearing very revealing body suits? Check. Twerk a bit too close to Robin Thicke? Check. Create a totally amazing album? Check check and check. 

Miley is actually very, very smart!

I must admit, had she not have screamed for my attention in these ways, I wouldn’t have even known about her new album. An album that is actually extremely heart felt, touching, relaxing and makes me tap my toe while listening to it in class. Miley has done it right.

Through acting in ways that society thinks is, in most cases ‘unacceptable’, she has managed to redeem herself through her musical talent. Not every artist can say that their album that they released at the age of 21 has been in the top 10 charts of ten different countries, with RIAA Platinum, ARIA Gold, BPI Gold and MC Platinum certifications. Sure, she might have gone about getting our attention in a… unique way, but Miley is definitely worth the attention that we are giving her.

Miley is also a celebrity fashion icon, and has been for a while. Collaborating with the likes of Marc Jacobs in his recent Spring 2014 campaign, Cyrus was the face of the campaign, with Jacobs claiming that “[I] just love her and her entire being, her talent, her intelligence, everything. There’s nothing I don’t like about her. She is just genuine and very natural.”

For years, Miley has inspired women with her cool, easy street style looks that seem effortlessly collected and just… awesome.

Regardless of everything, even if she is a little bit crazy, I love Miley and

we adore you

Listen out for Bangerz here: [itunes link=”https://itunes.apple.com/au/artist/miley-cyrus/id137057909?uo=4″ title=”Listen to Bangerz here”]

Head to toe Alexander Wang. Not even sorry.

Head to toe Alexander Wang. Not even sorry.

Just a quick A-Wang appreciation post because, really, who doesn’t love Mr Wang?

By the way, monochrome with a pop of colour? Do it. No explanation needed, just do it. You’ll find that your outfit will be really chic and sophisticated when you have a plain white top, black accessories and a printed or coloured skirt!

Try teaming your simple monochrome outfits with ankle or knee-high boots for instant style points!

Here are some of my favourite Alexander Wang ankle boots!

Alexander Wang crop top

Alexander Wang mini skirt
$275 – theoutnet.com

Rozalia Russian: Melbourne Socialite talks fashion, beauty and lifestyle with The Fashion Journals

As a young woman living in Melbourne I find it necessary to attempt to feel and look my best where possible. With the advances of social media, men and women universally emulate others in regards to their style. These people become our style icons and I was lucky enough to interview my local icon, Rozalia Russian.

Interestedly enough, I came to know of Rozalia through Instagram. Don’t ask how I found her, because all I remember was seeing the most amazingly chic outfit on this woman who was holding my favorite Louis Vuitton Speedy bag, complete with her initials, R.R.

Perception is a crucial element of the new social media takeover. Rozalia gives her followers a sense of luxury, elegance and affordability, which is why I thought an interview with her would be extremely beneficial to The Fashion Journals and will help to prove that all of these qualities that Rozalia possesses and that I try to preach with my posts is incredibly achievable.

TFJ: As a woman with influence over a mass populace of people, did it surprise you to find through social media that so many women emulate your style?

ROSA: It is very humbling when girls approach me saying that they love my style and often buy the same pieces that I have. I didn’t start my instagram thinking that I would turn it into a daily fashion blog, however I am lucky that people seem to like my style and value my opinion.

 TFJ: Did you ever imagine that you, your style and voice would have this type of impact on others?
ROSA: Definitely not. As I mentioned I started Instagram just like everyone else as a fun way to share photos with friends. I then started getting comments from girls asking where my certain clothing items were from that they saw in the pictures. One thing lead to another and before I knew it I was being approached by different clothing labels asking me to work with them.


It has definitely been a fun year and a half and I have been given some amazing opportunities that I am very grateful for.

TFJ: You have recently become a mother, congratulations! Seeing your progress throughout the pregnancy left many people in awe of how well you managed your style. Do you have any tips for women in the same position as you were? 
ROSA: My tip would be one that I think many pregnant women have heard before… ‘Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you can let yourself go’
I used to hear heaps of woman say I’m pregnant so I’m going to eat junk food everyday. I think it is important to not use the pregnancy as an excuse. Yes enjoy yourself and you have to indulge (mine was KFC) but not everyday! Also get out of those tracksuits pants, put on some make up and go and get your nails done.
 TFJ: What are some of your favourite local and international brands?
ROSA: Australia has so many amazing designers a few local brands would be Cameo, Senso, AJE, Witchery, Camilla and Marc, Scanalan and Theodore, Elliot, Dion Lee, Zimmerman, Nicholas, hunt no more.Overseas would be Alexander Wang, Saint Laurent, Zara, Dolce and Gabbana.
 TFJ: Would you say that you are one to mix and match luxury items with inexpensive pieces?
ROSA: Absolutely. I simply do not think it is practically to wear luxury pieces from top to bottom every day.I am a sucker for designer heels so that is definently what I splurge on. You could be wearing a $100 dress but pair it with an amazing pair of luxury heels and you will look a million dollars.
TFJ: Do you have any predictions for trends in the coming months?
ROSA: My prediction is that we are going to go into winter with a very neutral colour pallet. I think we are going to go back to basics and the wardrobe will consist of black, white and a lot of grey! Capes will still be in, as well as statement coats! Over the knee boots will also make a comeback.TFJ: Is there any beauty products that you cannot live without?ROSA: Concealer! I used to love it before but even more so now being a mum and running off little sleep.

Along with concealer, if I only have 5 min to get ready my beauty products that I have to use would be blush, eyebrow pencil and mascara.

TFJ: Adjusting to motherhood is a big thing, would you say that there is anything that you wish you knew before hand that you know now? 

ROSA: To not only carry spare clothes for baby but also for your self!

Two words… Leaking Nappies!

TFJ: Do you think that your new baby girl, Willow already has a style that suits her? Do you have any aspirations for her regarding fashion? 

ROSA: It kills me to admit this but Willow doesn’t like dressing up! Getting dressed isn’t one of her favourite activities yet as she doesn’t like things going over her head and her mum trying to keep her foot still whilst putting on shoes! Haha!

In terms of what suits her, I think at this age when you cant really tell if they look like a girl or boy its just easier to dress her in pastel pinks.

She isn’t a fan of reds, greens, yellows, purples or hot pink (well her mum isn’t)

 TFJ: How do you achieve, what looks like, an effortless, elegant and fun look? Is there any rules that you follow?
ROSA: I think it is important to dress for your body shape.Just because that midriff top and highwasited pencil skirt looks good on your BFF doesn’t mean it will look good on you.Once you establish what suits you then dressing will be easier as you will be more comfortable and be able to portray that effortless look.

“Your wardrobe should be made up of 80% style and 20% trends.

Every season we see a new trend coming through weather it be peplum, midriff tops, high-tops etc.…

As quickly as these trends come in they will go out of fashion.

Style however will never be out of fashion, What I mean by style is the investment classic pieces which consist of, a well tailored blazer, a silk white shirt, good fitting basic t shirts, a simple black pointy heel etc.

These classic items should be a staple in every girl’s wardrobe as they will never be out of fashion.”

So, my lovely readers, take note of what Mrs Russian has said, trust [us], you will hit the mark every time!

Catch more of Rozalia on Instagram rozalia_russian and at www.rozalia.com.au

Images taken from Rozalia’s Instagram page

Alexander Wang: Schooling the world

Consumerism. Capitalism. Human Greed.

Alexander Wang explores the lengths to which we will go for personal gain. In an experiment with his New York fans, Wang invites his guests to a “one-time-only undisclosed event”, where once inside, he tells them that they are able to take anything from his collection, free of charge.

See the video here

When I first watched this video, the first thing that came to mind was “How amazing would that be?! What ever T by Alexander Wang piece I wanted… for free?!” but as the video continued and I watched the attitudes of the people at the event change from excitement to pure greed and rapacity, I realised how far people would actually go for material items.

It is a shocking insight to human nature, and when you really think about it, who would say no to luxuries that you don’t even have to work for? What motivates people to work in this day and age? It’s the thought of wealth, the idea of living the high life, the hope that we can provide everything that our families need and want. Alexander Wang has managed to provoke thought from people and make his audience think twice about what is truly important.

One man has proven his influence over a society in means that exceed our expectations of a designer. Not only has Alexander Wang impacted the fashion world, but he digs further into society and exposes our weaknesses. Acquisitiveness is a vulnerability that has ruined man kind in the past, look at the First and Second World Wars. How about every war that has erupted due to capitalistic and communistic clashes?  Consumerism is the exact reason why humans turn against each other. It’s not only a physical battle, but a battle of the mind. Overcoming pride and arrogance is something that many people haven’t been able to do. Once we do, then we’ll be truly happy and appreciative of our belongings.

Alexander Wang: Teaching us more than just next season’s trends. 

A Wang

Does it come in black?

“Get y’all black tees on
All black everything”Does it come in black?

I am obsessed with black. I want everything to be black and I will have everything black.

Black is class, sophistication, effortless style. Black is easy to wear, black is slimming… What are stains?

What’s better than black? Sheer black! Sheer tops, Sheer skirts… I cannot get enough!

My absolute favourite is the black mesh midi skirt from Topshop! I have been eyeing it since it’s debut onto the Topshop website and till’ this day, it has consumed my thoughts (Not even an exaggeration)

Lucky for me, my beautiful mother has a talent for sewing… I can get this skirt in black and white for less than half retail price!

I will be lavishing in these skirts for as long as I can! Plus, I highly doubt that this fixation for all things black will go out of style anytime soon!

Run This Town Jay-Z