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The French Revolution: A story-time about my Parisian epiphany

On Saturday January 13th, around 4:30pm, I was sat in a cafe in Paris’ 6th arrondissement. I had spent the day wandering the city with my dad, starting with some shopping along the Champs Elysées, then walking down to the Grand Palais, up and into the Musée de l’Armée, and then along the cobblestone streets that led us to said cafe.

The long walk felt surreal, in that everything we saw was so new to us, but knowingly so old to the city and its people. We embraced it all; from the beautiful apartments, to the small patisseries, and the colourful flower shops. My dad and I would peer into the windows of our favourite buildings, and comment on the beautiful chandeliers that hung from the ceilings.

“If I were younger, I would move to this part of Paris”.

I contemplated what this statement meant for my dad, and considered our difference in age. He is 70 and I have just turned 21. I too thought to myself “I could move here”, and the thought lingered.

There was something appealing about living in a small Parisian apartment, working any job I could find so that I would be able to pay for the overpriced rent that my tiny, minimal, but cozy apartment would require. I imagined myself sitting at my window, attempting to read what ever book I thought would help me get accustomed to my new life, and distract me from the inevitable loneliness that moving to a new city would bring (‘The French Art of Not Giving a F*ck‘?)

We found ourselves at Au Vieux Colombier, seated in a corner at the mint-coloured French doors that lined the cafe and peered out to the street; eating and people watching. My god, French women dress well. While realising that perhaps a faux fur coat is something worth investing in, movement from the top floor of the building opposite us had caught my eye.

A woman, grey-haired and petite, wearing the classic, chic, staple combination of a white shirt and navy knit, opened the shutters of her apartment balcony, leaned on the ledge, and pulled a packet of cigarettes from her pocket. It happened in a way that you assume only happens in foreign films; it was almost dreamlike.

There was something about this woman; be it her confidence, her posture, maybe even the fact that I had assumed that the apartment was hers, that made me come to a realisation about the type of life that I want to live.

Looking at this woman, I imagined the independent, nonchalant, frank person that she could be. I pictured her waving away her annoying neighbour who complained that her music was too loud the night before. I imagined her sitting with two impeccably dressed children, telling them “c’est la vie” when they begin to complain that they lost their balloons in the cold winds that blew through the Jardins de Tuilleries,  or that their favourite toy broke. I pictured a woman who could have been through hell but has always managed to bring herself back up to Earth. I pictured traits of compassion, realism, and logic, with an overload of ambition. She was resilient, adventurous, and willing to take risks. In saying that, she wasn’t, by any means, perfect. She had flaws and made mistakes and at times could be selfish, stubborn, and for gods sake she needed her 5pm cigarette break in the silence of her top floor balcony, before cooking for her family and listening to her kids whine until bedtime.

This woman, who I actually knew nothing about other than that she resided on the top floor of a 6th arr. apartment, put into perspective everything that I want from my life, albeit in the most picturesque, perhaps even unrealistic way possible.

In the past two years, I have changed and grown in ways that I hadn’t foreseen. In some circumstances, these particular changes to my personality and priorities aren’t something that I’m necessarily proud of. I neglected things that I usually held dear to me, like my family, or my job, my studies, and even this blog. On one hand, I tried new things, met new people, and experienced a different sort of lifestyle, and it wasn’t necessarily negative, either.

In 2017, barely six months from what I think was the period of my noticeable change, I decided to take more care. Not much changed but the lifestyle that I adopted of going out every weekend suddenly became tiring. I had some seriously great times, don’t get me wrong, and am honestly hanging out for the next night out (because technically I haven’t had a night out in a long time). More than that, I began to miss the people that I neglected, and the determination that I once had. I missed caring about things and people, and I really missed caring about myself.

It’s interesting, the journey that your mind takes you on when you wake up one day and think “why do I bother?” or the opposite “I am priceless”. Thinking about it, reaching that point in thought is a thorough process. It is a gradual thing that happens over time, and is mostly dictated by your experiences and interactions.

Sometimes we forget who we are, what is important to us, and why it is important. It sounds like a bad thing, but I actually think that maybe it’s one of the best ways to come to a realisation of what you actually value, and what you don’t.

This revolutionary moment of thought, that was sparked by a random Parisian woman smoking on her balcony, seems almost too good to be true. It is in these moments when you question “is this it? Have I cracked the code? Have I really got my life in perspective now?” and the reality of it is no, you don’t. From this realisation comes another journey, which no doubt will also have it’s ups and downs, but the finality of it is this: you’re at peace. You understand where you are, how you came to be here, and where to go from there.

The funny thing is that this woman could have been at her balcony thinking “if I were younger, I would move to…”


Hello everyone!

Look at me, making a big deal about having TFJ back and then hardly ever posting. Typical.

Firstly, I’ve found myself in London again, and the lead up to this trip has been a hectic one. The whole month of December was basically dedicated to working as often as possible so that I could afford to survive on this trip. The notion that all bloggers are super rich and get things for free and travel for campaigns is literally only applicable to about 15% of bloggers, and that hurts.

Regardless, a lot has happened in a short span of time. We celebrated Christmas, new year, and my 21st birthday all within a two week period. Yes, you read that right, my 21ST BLOODY BIRTHDAY. I’ve been blogging since I was 16 and now, here I am at 21 years old, still as passionate about TFJ as I was back then. The only real difference is that I had a lot more time to focus on the blog when all I had to worry about was homework.

Tomorrow I’ll be taking a quick trip to Paris which I am super excited for. This time around I’m hoping to visit the palace of Versailles and go to the top of the Arc Di Triomphe. I’ll be travelling with my dad for the first time and I’m really looking forward to finally experiencing that kind of thing with family.

As for everything else, I will try my best to keep you all posted. I’m going to use this trip as motivation to bring you all some great new content both on the blog and over at my YouTube channel, so get ready for some travel happy snaps, story times, and OOTDs.

Much love,


New year, who dis?

2016 was a strange year, but it was undeniably lit.

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To say that this past week has been intense is an understatement. Between uni, work, and my social life, things got a bit hectic and I felt very overwhelmed. I realised that sometimes life goes by so fast that we forget to stop and appreciate how far we’ve come, and who has helped us get there. Sometimes we just forget to be grateful for the lives we’re living, grateful for the good and the bad that we experience.


With Mother’s Day coming up, it’s even more so a time to show appreciation to the ones we love and care about.

Now, you guys have the opportunity to win a limited edition gratitude gift pack for you and someone you love with Circa Home – just in time for Mother’s Day! All you have to do is click this link and tell Circa Home what you’re grateful for!

This range has a honeyflower and sandalwood fragrance with undertones of cucumber and vanilla, which when lit can literally remind you of a hug from your mum!

Also in the range you can get

Honeyflower & Sandalwood Fragrance Diffuser
Honeyflower & Sandalwood Soy Melts
Limited Edition Electric Wax Warmer


Dumbledore once said “happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light” This is so relevant because lighting the candle and inhaling the amazing scent can actually bring you happiness…

ha ha

but for real though, Circa Home’s Gratitude range and competition really makes you think about all of the things that we should be grateful for, and honestly, we truly are lucky for every little thing that life throws at us; even the things that we wish we never had to experience have forced you to grow as a person, and that in itself is something to be grateful for.


Close your eyes and let the world paint a thousand pictures


Thanks for a fab year, 2015

Where do I even begin to describe 2015?

2015 was the year that I met amazing people and made friends I know will be around for a long time.

2015 was the year that I worked my ass off and reached my goals.

2015 was the year that I got a taste of the real world and thrived from it.

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Prue Chilcott: The influential voice behind Melbourne’s iconic Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival

There are an endless amount of misconceptions about the infamous fashion industry. It is perceived to be a never ending stampede of exquisitely dressed people who are willing to trample anyone in their way in order to get their dream job. Luckily for those hoping to join the chaos, according to Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival’s digital marketing executive, Prue Chilcott, it’s not nearly anything like what we see in films, and for the first time, the reality is a lot better than what we thought.

Imagine you have the power to speak on behalf of a major organisation that not only hosts a nationally renowned fashion festival, but an organisation that heavily influences the Australian fashion industry. You would have a dramatic influence over a variety of people simply through social media. The new age of fashion marketing has changed the way a digital society stays in the know. Now, with the touch of a ‘share’ button, anyone can send a photo viral, revolutionising traditional fashion media, tripling the success and awareness of an event. Anyone can do it, but not everyone can utilise the skills of traditional marketing strategies and combine them with social media to create an influence that speaks to different audiences on different levels. In the case of VAMFF, Prue Chilcott is the person who has this power.


Firstly, Prue presents herself in an incredibly friendly light. She radiates a genuine nature and has an admirable aura of confidence. Dressed comfortably but looking ever so stylish, she proves that she most definitely is “cool enough” to be the voice of the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival, even on a freezing Melbourne morning when you would rather be in bed sleeping, and not at work in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. For aspiring public relations students, take note of Prue Chilcott, who has come a long way in her career in a short time.

Prue began this stage of her career with VAMFF in November 2014, once she returned to work from maternity leave. Her job as the digital marketing executive leaves her responsible for all online communications involving VAMFF, including all social media, the VAMFF website, emails, and their blog, In Detail, which she helped to launch at the end of 2014. Prue is also a features writer for the acclaimed Australian blog, Melbourne Girl. When not at work she is busy enjoying motherhood and helping her husband with the financial side to his business. Is there anything that Prue isn’t doing?

If there is one thing that Prue says gets her through her busy days, it is the passion that she has for her work: “If you’re driven by doing what you love then it’s not work”, she said. “I really love working here, I love writing for Melbourne Girl, I love being a mum and doing simple things like making dinner every night and reading a magazine. I don’t want to miss out on any of those things”. The fear of missing out is proving to work for this busy Melbourne mum, as she runs through her daily routine of waking up at 5:30am to write before her baby wakes up, she makes it seem almost too easy to be able to balance a family life and a successful career in the Australian fashion industry. With students hoping to get into the same industry, Prue makes it obvious that the best way to find your self in her shoes in the future is to work hard and consistently: “[The fashion industry] It’s really competitive, no one is going to tell you that anyone who works in fashion just waltzed in”. Emphasising the importance of nailing the hard skills of marketing and public relations, Prue recommends that you always follow your passions, but keep in mind that it’s not always possible to get the job you want straight away. Prue got into public relations work through an internship as a receptionist at a PR agency following her studies, and then eventually got promoted to a PR assistant “it’s a round about way of getting there, but if you have an ultimate goal, scrabble your way to get there!”


Prue graduated from Monash University in 2009 and since then she has worked for some highly reputable companies in their PR and marketing departments, such as The Style Counsel, the Coles group, and George Patterson Y&R. Within these roles, Prue managed to expand her experience in the broad marketing communications industry. Following in her example, she advises that students should “never think that they are too good to do anything”, after all, it was these particular experiences outside of the fashion industry that got her to her position as VAMFF’s digital marketing executive.

Although fashion communications is competitive, judging by Prue’s personality and experience, our impressions of the unbearably chaotic fashion industry are far from the truth… “There’s a preconceived notion that it’s a fluffy industry, but some of the smartest and savviest people that I’ve ever worked with have been in the fashion industry”.


It’s important that students remember that any progress within marcoms is progress towards your ultimate career goal; Prue advises that you “find passion in what you’re doing… If you’re marketing electrical tools, make them the best goddamn electrical tools the world has ever seen”. As a graduate working for the Coles group, Prue was apart of the product development department, and during her first week, she had to cook around eighty different sausages, testing and preparing for Coles to launch a new brand of sausages… “I had never really cooked before because I had been living at home, and I thought ‘I did not go to university for five years to be cooking 80 sausages!’”

All of Prue’s hard work has brought her far in her six-year career, and now Prue continues to use her traditional marketing skills to bring the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival to life in the months between the main events. She continues to write for Melbourne Girl and juggle all of this work with a family, and she manages well, after all she does “have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyoncé”.



Photos courtesy of VAMFF’s official Pinterest, Instagram, and Melbourne Central.

A special thanks to Prue Chilcott for her time and for being so supportive and helpful, and for managing to inspire and motivate me and anyone looking to go down the fashion marketing path!

UPDATE: I’m back!

Hey everyone!

I am so, so sorry I haven’t posted in so long. My life has been ridiculously crazy lately. I have been working heaps and then when I do get a day off it’s the only time I have to catch up with family, friends, and run errands.

I do admit, I was beginning to get really, really frustrated with how everything was panning out, especially considering that I didn’t have time to write about all of the things that have been happening recently. Then, when I did have time, I was too tired to properly write and edit things in time to post them.

To be completely honest though, at the moment I feel like it’s in my best interest to work every day that I can, because that way I can achieve my goals a lot quicker. Sometimes you have to sacrifice something in order to get something else. At the moment, my main goal is a Euro trip.

As exciting as it is, it’s also extremely stressful because I have a lot of saving left to do, and therefore, need to work my butt off to get to where I want to be, which is cruising through Europe without a worry in the world.

With that being said, though, I am slowly but surely getting back into the blogging mentality, which I don’t think I completely lost, I just needed a break somewhere in my life, and as much as I love blogging, it was probably the easiest thing to take a break from; but never fear, because I am back and I have so much stuff to post that you’ll probably end up getting sick of me!


There has never been a collaboration that works so effortlessly.

Let me introduce you all to Emily, she’s some girl from Melbourne who happens to be really good at graphic design. You might recognise her from some of my past posts like this one, this one, this one, and this one.

Emily, being the creative and innovative person that she is, decided to surprise me with a late birthday present. This present was not only thoughtful, but it’s so personal.

Let’s be real too, it’s freaking awesome.



 You can purchase a range of different TFJ things like mugs, art prints, iPhone cases, and iPod skins here

I’m also going to be having a give away soon so stay tuned!


Feminism vs Gender Equality: Do you know what you’re standing up for?

“Feminist: A person who believes in the social, political, and economical equality of the sexes”

No where in this definition is the statement that solely women are feminists. No where does the definition mention that feminists believe in the superiority of women. There are so many misconceptions about the term ‘feminism’ that confuses what the actual meaning is.

I personally like to consider myself a feminist, but not in the way some people do. I think that women deserve the same rights as men in business, relationships and in society, however, I do not think that women deserve more power than men in these instances.

Why do we assume that suppressing one group will empower the other? Even if it does, why is this a good thing? Why is taking the importance from one side and giving it to the other the right thing to do?

It’s not.

If you want fairness within the two groups, you need to enforce equality, rather than fight for a shift in power.

There’s nothing wrong with a woman earning the same wage as a man in the same position, and there’s nothing wrong with a man doing the house work while a woman is working. Still in this day and age we have an emphasis on gender roles, and the ‘traditions’ that were once socially acceptable, but aren’t any longer. House work traditionally was a woman’s role, as was staying at home and devoting their lives to their family on the basis that the house was clean and dinner was provided. In turn, it was a man’s job to go to work and earn a living for his family, then come home expecting to be treated like a king.

Like those traditions, I’ve grown up in a family where there are expectations placed upon both the women and the men. There are three generations of people living in my house. My dad who was born in the late 40’s and grew up in the 50’s and 60’s where these traditional roles were established (think Pleasantville), my mum who was born in the late 60’s and grew up with the female revolution, who sees the world more openly than my dad but still respects the ideas and traditions that he believes in. Then there’s me. I believe in feminism and the power of women, but I also don’t think it’s fair to undermine men and classify them all in a certain way.

Like family gender roles, there are so many stereotypes placed on men which aren’t true, and the majority of these stereotypes are placed on the generalisation of men by the popular majority of female feminists.

Not all men are power sick perverts who will underpay a woman just because she is a woman. Not all men abuse women or objectify them just because they may have more strength than a woman does. Yes, it is undeniable that there is a large portion of men who do, but it is also unfair of ‘feminists’ to just assume that all men are like that.

What people forget as well is that women are allowed to want to make their husbands and families happy. I was in a conversation not long ago where someone said “Beyoncé is derogatory to women because she sings about sexuality… have you heard her song ‘Blow’?”. I’m not just saying this because I love Beyoncé, but because what people who don’t take the time to listen to her music don’t know is that she is all about empowering women (Who run the world? Girls!) but she also loves her husband and enjoys their intimate relationship, and what’s wrong with that?

Also, haven’t you heard her song ‘Flawless’?!

I’m going to bring up a point I made in my Kim Kardashian post, and reiterate that women globally loved the show Sex and the City, which is easily one of the most openly sexual programs that is based on women. Why can people support a show like that which at times can be very derogatory but they hate on one woman with a few songs about the same topic? It makes no sense.

One of my favourite TV shows ever is That 70’s Show, which is obviously set in the 70’s, a time where equal rights was a social practice in the making. Woman fought desperately to separate themselves from the expected social conventions of the past, and from there were able to set the standard of equality that we know of today.

that 70s show

 My favourite episode was in season 7 where Donna wants to go to a feminist rally, and Eric goes there to surprise her and says “Women should be able to walk through this park without being afraid. In fact, some day I hope that I can walk through this park without being afraid.” [queue laughter] Then, Donna decides that they should make out in the park’s bushes, and Eric accidentally pulls her hair, and Donna says “Ow, Eric get off”. The feminists then hear this and chase Eric, capture him, and strip him of his clothes and write humiliating messages on his body. It was funny but it was also really unfair that Eric wasn’t asked any questions, and that he himself was violated because it seemed as though he was violating Donna’s rights as a woman. Yes, in the instance that he actually was, then this reaction is totally acceptable, but in a lot of cases, men are wrongly accused of harassing women just because stereotypically, if they were seen in a situation at the wrong time, that’s what it can look like; but even that, who said it was okay to wrongly accuse someone in the first place, and secondly, humiliate them publicly without any questions asked?

Why is vilifying someone okay just to accredit someone else?

Sometimes we have to realise that a man’s pride is something that has been embedded in them so strongly that questioning it can result in situations that can be derogatory to women, but not every man is like that.


I am so sick of seeing Facebook statuses like “Over guys, they’re all the same” but they’re not, it’s not every man’s fault that you are attracted to that type of man, or that your actions as a woman don’t have the same consequences that his do.

I personally am over seeing this happen, and if asked, I will say that I am a feminist because I do believe in the rights of women, but I will never be okay with slamming all men just because of the mistakes of some men. More than that, I think it’s more important to believe in the equality of the sexes, rather than debate over which deserves their rights more.

These are my confessions

Just when I thought I said all I can say my chick on the side said she got one on the way… 

No okay seriously, over the past year and half that I’ve been writing The Fashion Journals, I’ve had quite a few emails from readers asking me random questions. Recently, these emails have been coming in by the truck load so I decided that I will compile them and answer them all in one big post! I have also condensed and conjoined them into 10 questions because they were all very similar.

What’s your worst habit? 

Firstly, I leave everything to the last-minute. I know it’s bad but I can’t bring myself to change it. I should, but I can’t.

What are you like as a person in real life? On the blog you seem supes blogger like… 

“Blogger like”? I think I’ll coin that phrase, I like it! To start with, I have an abundance of confidence, but I choose who sees it and when I show it. I don’t think it’s necessary for absolutely everyone to know every little thing about me, although I do enjoy sharing with the right people. In ‘real life’ I’m a lot more quiet and I don’t mind keeping to myself. The Fashion Journals is my version of Beyoncé’s ‘Sasha Fierce’, and I like that on the blog I can be fully based on materialism and all of the little things that I blog about, but I also like that I can have actually meaningful conversations with people. In ways I am your typical Capricorn: I evaluate every little thing like situations, actions and reactions, and even purchases… I don’t like making mistakes. I think to some people I can come across as cold or timid, but it’s just because I prefer when people make the effort with me, and once they do I come out of my shell almost instantly. I like doing things by myself because I like to control everything, right down to the last detail.

I guess I can be “blogger like” in real life because I do get excited about the things I blog about, and I do enjoy photographing my life and organising things to use as content on the blog. I guess it’s a hard question to answer directly because TFJ is not just a fashion or beauty blog, but it’s also lifestyle which means that TFJ spills into my life, and vice versa.

What is your actual day-to-day style like? You blog about so many different styles and stuff that I’m not really sure

I don’t think anyone is going to see my actual style for a little while because I can’t really afford my actual style. I don’t have an exact style, but I’ve always preferred to wear jeans, and at the moment I’m really into more of a sports-luxe look because it’s really chic and comfortable at the same time, especially at uni or to and from work. I love bold lipstick, specifically reds, and I find it hard to wear anything other than black and white monochrome. I love my white Nike Thea’s and I’m really into my super comfy Country Road slides. Since I wear simple outfits, I always add heaps of jewellery; you will never catch me without a necklace, at least two rings and a watch. This season I’ve really embraced rose gold and I love silver, but I always choose my jewellery based on the hardware of my bags!

Why don’t you post many selfies? I think that when you do it makes this blog seem really personal. 

I’ll definitely start adding more personal photos, it’s just so hard because my life is always such a rush! I just have enough time every morning to straighten my hair, get dressed and put makeup on, and aside from the fact that I’m fussy, I skip breakfast for time reasons too, so I don’t always have time to set up the camera and take photos! I’m also not a massive fan of mirror selfies unless the background is good, and if I want to take photos, I need good lighting and a good backdrop, which I don’t have! I will, however, be investing in a professional photography set up soon, so that’s definitely going to be a massive help!

What are you like naturally? I’ve read that you’ve got curly hair and you mention things you call ‘flaws’ but you cover it well. 

I must admit, I don’t really hide all that much! I do straighten my curly hair, but my makeup is pretty natural looking usually, and even so, you can see blemishes and such anyway. My hair colour is my natural colour and I don’t have much patience so pretty much what you see is how it is, only with a bit of concealer.

Do you have any regrets?

Only that I let some people go too easily and now I sort of miss them, but then again I’m not sure whether I should consider that a regret because it wasn’t me who cut communication so other than that I regret the things that I don’t buy during mid-season sales and I also regret not eating breakfast every morning.

What are you trying to get out of this blog? seriously. 

I was kind of waiting for this type of question, and seriously I think the real question is what haven’t I gotten from this blog. To answer the question though, I’ve built a platform for myself to express my opinions and to give advice to people with the same interests and situations as me, therefore, I am trying to reach an audience in my own unique way. This blog is the start of my career so I guess I am also trying to get a self-made career out of it as well. Problem?

I really like The Fashion Journals because you’re really honest, and you’re also a normal person (I mean you are average in a good way) but I want to know how you built up the courage to be yourself on social media?

Well thank you, but I honestly don’t really need all that much courage because I don’t second guess myself when I make posts or write about truthful things. The way I see it is that there are probably a lot more people who can relate to me than they can relate to someone like Kylie Jenner so being honest is my way of being able to properly style and give advice to the large majority of people who want it, in a realistic and achievable way. If I blogged about only high-end products and brands, and every post was an OOTD featuring a new designer handbag, while wearing a Dolce and Gabbana gown to brunch, I don’t think many people can relate to that, and will then lose interest. I am skeptical about social media because you only see what people want you to see, which is the cool things they do or that one on point outfit that they actually wear repeatedly. I used to get really caught up in other people’s lives, and at times would get envious because they would have something that I wanted, but at the end of the day I realised that my life, just like a lot of other people, has great things too, and I don’t have a need to validate them with an Instagram post. Of course I do post often, and do glorify things, that’s just because that’s how the world is now, and I, like many other people, do conform as well, but because I am aware of it, I try to be as honest and modest as possible.

Is blogging your job? What else do you do… do you got to school or work somewhere else? 

I consider blogging to be a job, mostly because of the effort that I put into it, but I’m creating a portfolio of work which in the future I hope to either continue to build upon on my own (and make blogging my full time career) or use to get a magazine editorial job. I do have an actual paying job too though, I work for an Australian brand called Mimco. I also go to university and am doing a bachelor of media and communication, majoring in public relations.

How do you have time to do everything for the blog and have a social life? I’m a blogger too but sometimes neglect the blog because I don’t have time for it!

Honestly, I find it hard to juggle everything mostly because I want to make sure that everything I do is done well. When it comes to blogging I create drafts of posts as soon as I get an idea, and then edit and add to the post until I think it’s good enough to publish. Sometimes I don’t post for a little while because I didn’t have a chance to properly edit anything, so I’ll quickly post something from Polyvore or an OOTD, just because it’s quick but it shows that I’m still active. The best thing I have done though is incorporate my life into TFJ, so that means that some things I do socially, I can make a post about (as long as they are relevant to the blog). I also go to sleep really late and usually work on posts while I’m in bed until I get tired, and schedule them for the morning or early afternoon. It’s not the best way to go about it, but at least I do get things done.



Some of the questions have been edited for grammatical purposes.

Uni Chic

So tomorrow I have my first day of university orientation, or as everyone except me seems to call it “O-Week”. I’m not going to lie, I’m a little nervous, but then every time I think I’m nervous I remember that I don’t actually have any classes, and just have a “welcome lecture” and then I’m finished by 11am…

One thing that has been on my mind since I got into university is that I need to buy things specifically for uni, such as basic tops, another pair of jeans/pants, and maybe another jacket or two, not to mention a pair of black converse and flat boots…

So far, out of that whole list I have purchased a black Agent Ninteynine tote bag from General Pants, and a Marc by Marc Jacobs cosmetics case… I obviously needed a plain tote bag for school considering i’ll need a bag that’s big enough to carry books, my laptop and an iPad, while also versatile enough to use every day with any outfit. The cosmetics case on the other hand was an impulse buy after deciding that I needed a case to carry essentials in the event that I needed to touch up after a long day or if I was in a rush and didn’t get a chance to put on/finish my makeup routine. I work at David Jones for Mimco and therefore am located in the contemporary handbags department, and various Marc by Marc Jacobs items were on the counter and after a long shift, I couldn’t help myself!

In the edit above I have tried to be a little creative with potential outfits that I can wear to uni; who says that school attire has to be boringly casual? Did we learn nothing from NYFW street style?!