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What’s in my bag?

Okay, this isn’t my bag but maybe one day…
What's in my bag


Gucci man shoulder bag
3 120 AUD –

Yves Saint Laurent card case wallet
400 AUD –

Chloé round lens sunglasses
455 AUD –

NARS Cosmetics dark circle concealer
40 AUD –

Nars cosmetic
37 AUD –

Victoria s Secret eau de perfume
24 AUD –

Sugar Paper brass pen
53 AUD –

November Aesthetic

Back and levelled up


Nasty Gal bralet top
53 AUD –

Alexis flared pants
665 AUD –

Gianvito Rossi black ankle booties
1 320 AUD –

Gucci mini handbag
1 695 AUD –

Delfina Delettrez gold diamond ring
6 415 AUD –

Gemstone earrings
6.60 AUD –

Cartier rose gold jewelry
17 810 AUD –

Cartier gold bangle
7 920 AUD –

Cartier ring
4 925 AUD –

Dolce Gabbana tech accessory
410 AUD –

Chloé round sunglasses
1 665 AUD –

Nars cosmetic
34 AUD –

Deluxe Better Than Sex Mascara
16 AUD –

Okay so can we talk about the BS sizing at Brandy Melville? (and wtf is up with Vogue’s boob shaming?)

One size fits all? No worries, this top barely holds both boobs, but all women are built the same, true?

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Winter has come, and you have no idea how happy I am that this season has arrived.

PS I hope you guys like Game Of Thrones references…

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Being a student, my life at the moment is pretty hectic, and while I spend my nights doing assignments (at the last minute, of course) I catch up on sleep in the mornings (roughly an hour before class starts) so instead of rushing like a mad woman trying to come up with a decent outfit in the 15 minutes I give myself to get ready, I just put on a chic winter dress and run out the door.

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Happy Valentines day lovers!
If there’s one thing I’ve learnt about this very commercialised day, it’s that it’s no use for us single ladies to be resentful; I mean, why waste our energy on that when we can just treat ourselves to the things we really love, like a bit of Dolce and Valentino? (Especially Valentino because the name is just really suited to the cause)
This year though, I’ve gone the step further and actually got myself a hot date.
Yep, that’s right. This V-day I’ll be rolling in gifts and enjoying a nice meal with someone I love.
I mean, not romantically though.
Valentine’s day is a day to celebrate love, and although traditionally people celebrate courtly love, that doesn’t mean you can’t show your love for your family or friends, right?
So this year, my valentine is my niece. Throughout our whole lives we’ve lived so far away from each other, and once every year or so, one of us would make the trip interstate to see each other, and during those short few days, we’d have to re-connect and get to know each other again. Now, she has finally moved to Melbourne and we’re getting to know each other properly; she’s like my fourth sister and I love her.
So, if you’re like me and don’t normally give two shits about Valentine’s Day, maybe this year you should just embrace the day and show the people that you love how you feel.
Then again, though, there’s no shame in revelling in the material things you love too, so feel free to tick something off of my LUST LIST


Tom ford shirt

Nudie Jeans Co. jeans
195 AUD –

Valentino ballerina flat
1 115 AUD –

Yves saint laurent purse
5 565 AUD –

Dolce Gabbana crystal jewellery
1 505 AUD –

Dolce Gabbana tech accessory
10 630 AUD –

Dolce Gabbana tech accessory
1 100 AUD –

Makeup blending brush
195 AUD –

Nars cosmetic
57 AUD –

Mac cosmetics lipstick
24 AUD –

Lip treatment
14 AUD –

Body cleanser
11 AUD –

Bath body product
13 AUD –

I’m so reckless when I rock my Givenchy dress

Still not over the Formation drop. Sorry.

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Let’s get in formation

In honour of Beyoncé’s ability to completely revive the BEYHIVE in under 48 hours, I think it’s time that we get in Formation #slay
Let's get in formation

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How to be a hat person in one easy step

Step one: Put a hat on and don’t worry about a thing (because every little thing, is gonna be alright) Continue reading

Lust/Must Western Belts

I am actually in love with these belts. They literally the epitome of effortless cool and suave.

I was drawn to them when I bought a tank-dress and teamed it with my Topshop fringe leather jacket, and this image of a vintage black and silver leather belt popped into my head and it looked fab.

Unfortunately, the best one I’ve found is $129 and I can’t justify spending that much when I’m a student whose semester starts soon and is travelling in a few months, so I found this super similar dupe at Topshop for what should be about $44!

Ladies, jump on it

You can shop them in the links below!

Lust/Must Western Belts


Topshop real leather belt
58 AUD –

Topshop cowgirl belt
44 AUD –

Leather buckle belt
190 AUD –

Love me a mini bag

Picture this: You’re super busy, perhaps you’re shopping up a storm, testing out the NARS Steven Klein collection, and suddenly you’re juggling the products and a big hand bag on your arm, and then you start to ache; big red and white lines appear from where you’ve accidentally cut circulation, then finally, you leave the store with nothing to show for your trouble.

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I’m back and I did some pretty cool things while I was gone part 1

Firstly, I started writing this on the 2nd of September on my way home from the Little Bourke St Runway, but, like my life right now, I got too busy to finish it and post at a decent, more recent time.

SO, let’s go back a month and pretend like my absence never happened…

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There has never been a collaboration that works so effortlessly.

Let me introduce you all to Emily, she’s some girl from Melbourne who happens to be really good at graphic design. You might recognise her from some of my past posts like this one, this one, this one, and this one.

Emily, being the creative and innovative person that she is, decided to surprise me with a late birthday present. This present was not only thoughtful, but it’s so personal.

Let’s be real too, it’s freaking awesome.



 You can purchase a range of different TFJ things like mugs, art prints, iPhone cases, and iPod skins here

I’m also going to be having a give away soon so stay tuned!


|| Neutral 2 ||

I know, I have an obsession with midi skirts and killer handbags.
I’m not going to apologise though, because you’ll be thanking me later.
Lately all of my edits have included items that are on my wishlist, and I finally got around to buying a Khaki midi skirt, yay!
I’m also torn between the Furla Metropolis Mini hip bag and this Alexander Wang bag, I think the Furla is the more affordable option though, so that solves that issue.
Finally, I need a pair of knee high boots! I am literally searching high and low for the perfect pair (at the perfect price) and let me tell you, with my taste it is not an easy task!
|| Neutral 2 ||


If you guys have found an affordable pair of knee high boots, let me know!

Also, which bag do you guys prefer? The Furla or the Alexander Wang?

|| Neutral 2 || by thefashionjournals. Shop the look below!

Green skirt
17 AUD –

River Island clothing
50 AUD –

Knee high boots

Alexander Wang studded purse
1 345 AUD –

Choker necklace