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Beauty Tips – What I recommend!

Hi everyone, here I am going to step you through and introduce you to some of my favourite products as well as my routine.

To begin with, I use KIKO Milano Cleanser & Toner to wash and tone my face. It is a great priced, great quality product. I then use Neutrogena Moisturiser . After the Moisturiser has set into my skin and dried, I use MAC Cosmetics Prep + Prime Primer as a base for my makeup. Once that has been applied, I add MAC Cosmetics Studio Fix Foundation. Make sure to go in-store to get the perfect shade to match your skin tone. Once my foundation is on and blended well, I go straight to my eyes.

For school I just use Mascara from the Sephora Collection in black . It is great value for the price; The size is generous and the results are visible and long lasting. When going out, I use my Sephora Collection Eyeliner, in black. It applies perfectly (I do not normally master the art of eyeliner, but with this product I nail it from the start!) Reminder: Eyeliner is applied before mascara!

When I am going out, I always leave with a statement shade of lipstick. The best lipstick that I can recommend to everyone is Chanel. At $50, the quality, perfect colour and easy application makes it worth every cent! When I want a classy red, I go for the Rouge Allure 104 Passion . It is long lasting and feels smooth and perfect on your lips! (It even lasts through food and drinking, without fading) It is vivid and absolutely perfect for anyone who wants to make a statement with their lips! When I want a playful, more fun and out there look, I always, always turn to the Rouge Allure Velvet 37 L’Exuberante . It is my personal favourite and I find that it suits many, many occasions!

Hint: The best thing to do before applying Lipstick is applying lip liner first. I prefer finding a lipliner that matches my lipstick exactly, Especially if you have eyeshadow contrasting the colour of your eyeliner and/or mascara. I also think that it looks more elegant and sophisticated to have a plain yet bold lip with the liner and lipstick matching.

So there you have it, My favourite products and my daily routine! Hope this helps! xx

Roll like a Rolling Stone

Roll like a Rolling Stone

Burberry shopper

Metal ring
$8.98 –

Black belt
$7.47 –

Nars cosmetic

Mac cosmetic

Mac cosmetic


Ready to Avenge

Ready to Avenge

Converse sport shoes

Straw hat

Nature Girl body moisturizer
$54 –

Carmex beauty product
$7.73 –

Charlotte russe

Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress

Chic Athletique

Chic Athletique

NIKE light weight shoes
$125 –

Adidas luggage
$46 –

Classin’ the grunge up!

Classin' the grunge up!

Printed tank

H M short skirt
$6.03 –

$215 –

Susan Caplan Vintage clip on earrings
$500 –

NARS Cosmetics lip stick
$28 –

The perfect makeup products 2013

Model Co lip makeup
$68 –

Chanel shimmer eyeshadow
$26 –

Sephora collection

Sephora collection

How to wear cut out boots 1

How to wear cut out boots 1

Equipment shirt
$235 –

River island
$69 –

Stretch blazer

Jane Norman skinny jeans
$46 –

Windsor Smith black booties
$165 –

Stella mccartney
$985 –

Ice Watch ice watch

Banana Republic beaded jewelry


Coltranes by Jeffrey Campbell

The Coltrane; My biggest dilemma when I think about trends.
Originating from the Balenciaga Cutout buckled booties, Jeffrey Campbell has interpreted them and made them a fashion icon of the past two seasons. At Balenciaga’s hefty price of $1,275, Jeffrey Cambell has priced them at an affordable $194.95. However, many other brands have made their own adaptation of the Cut out Boot. Brands such as Windsor Smith, Lipstik Shoes, Sportsgirl and many other online stores have taken on the look and varied its prices for affordability. These conniption causing shoes have me trying to decide whether they are becoming a “Hipster Hype” or a genuine style icon for this season. I find that these shoes are able to add instant style to a simple outfit, however they aren’t for everyone. Take some inspiration from our fashion-forward celebrities and use these unique cut out boots to your advantage, no matter your style!


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