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The French Revolution: A story-time about my Parisian epiphany

On Saturday January 13th, around 4:30pm, I was sat in a cafe in Paris’ 6th arrondissement. I had spent the day wandering the city with my dad, starting with some shopping along the Champs Elysées, then walking down to the Grand Palais, up and into the Musée de l’Armée, and then along the cobblestone streets that led us to said cafe.

The long walk felt surreal, in that everything we saw was so new to us, but knowingly so old to the city and its people. We embraced it all; from the beautiful apartments, to the small patisseries, and the colourful flower shops. My dad and I would peer into the windows of our favourite buildings, and comment on the beautiful chandeliers that hung from the ceilings.

“If I were younger, I would move to this part of Paris”.

I contemplated what this statement meant for my dad, and considered our difference in age. He is 70 and I have just turned 21. I too thought to myself “I could move here”, and the thought lingered.

There was something appealing about living in a small Parisian apartment, working any job I could find so that I would be able to pay for the overpriced rent that my tiny, minimal, but cozy apartment would require. I imagined myself sitting at my window, attempting to read what ever book I thought would help me get accustomed to my new life, and distract me from the inevitable loneliness that moving to a new city would bring (‘The French Art of Not Giving a F*ck‘?)

We found ourselves at Au Vieux Colombier, seated in a corner at the mint-coloured French doors that lined the cafe and peered out to the street; eating and people watching. My god, French women dress well. While realising that perhaps a faux fur coat is something worth investing in, movement from the top floor of the building opposite us had caught my eye.

A woman, grey-haired and petite, wearing the classic, chic, staple combination of a white shirt and navy knit, opened the shutters of her apartment balcony, leaned on the ledge, and pulled a packet of cigarettes from her pocket. It happened in a way that you assume only happens in foreign films; it was almost dreamlike.

There was something about this woman; be it her confidence, her posture, maybe even the fact that I had assumed that the apartment was hers, that made me come to a realisation about the type of life that I want to live.

Looking at this woman, I imagined the independent, nonchalant, frank person that she could be. I pictured her waving away her annoying neighbour who complained that her music was too loud the night before. I imagined her sitting with two impeccably dressed children, telling them “c’est la vie” when they begin to complain that they lost their balloons in the cold winds that blew through the Jardins de Tuilleries,  or that their favourite toy broke. I pictured a woman who could have been through hell but has always managed to bring herself back up to Earth. I pictured traits of compassion, realism, and logic, with an overload of ambition. She was resilient, adventurous, and willing to take risks. In saying that, she wasn’t, by any means, perfect. She had flaws and made mistakes and at times could be selfish, stubborn, and for gods sake she needed her 5pm cigarette break in the silence of her top floor balcony, before cooking for her family and listening to her kids whine until bedtime.

This woman, who I actually knew nothing about other than that she resided on the top floor of a 6th arr. apartment, put into perspective everything that I want from my life, albeit in the most picturesque, perhaps even unrealistic way possible.

In the past two years, I have changed and grown in ways that I hadn’t foreseen. In some circumstances, these particular changes to my personality and priorities aren’t something that I’m necessarily proud of. I neglected things that I usually held dear to me, like my family, or my job, my studies, and even this blog. On one hand, I tried new things, met new people, and experienced a different sort of lifestyle, and it wasn’t necessarily negative, either.

In 2017, barely six months from what I think was the period of my noticeable change, I decided to take more care. Not much changed but the lifestyle that I adopted of going out every weekend suddenly became tiring. I had some seriously great times, don’t get me wrong, and am honestly hanging out for the next night out (because technically I haven’t had a night out in a long time). More than that, I began to miss the people that I neglected, and the determination that I once had. I missed caring about things and people, and I really missed caring about myself.

It’s interesting, the journey that your mind takes you on when you wake up one day and think “why do I bother?” or the opposite “I am priceless”. Thinking about it, reaching that point in thought is a thorough process. It is a gradual thing that happens over time, and is mostly dictated by your experiences and interactions.

Sometimes we forget who we are, what is important to us, and why it is important. It sounds like a bad thing, but I actually think that maybe it’s one of the best ways to come to a realisation of what you actually value, and what you don’t.

This revolutionary moment of thought, that was sparked by a random Parisian woman smoking on her balcony, seems almost too good to be true. It is in these moments when you question “is this it? Have I cracked the code? Have I really got my life in perspective now?” and the reality of it is no, you don’t. From this realisation comes another journey, which no doubt will also have it’s ups and downs, but the finality of it is this: you’re at peace. You understand where you are, how you came to be here, and where to go from there.

The funny thing is that this woman could have been at her balcony thinking “if I were younger, I would move to…”


Hello everyone!

Look at me, making a big deal about having TFJ back and then hardly ever posting. Typical.

Firstly, I’ve found myself in London again, and the lead up to this trip has been a hectic one. The whole month of December was basically dedicated to working as often as possible so that I could afford to survive on this trip. The notion that all bloggers are super rich and get things for free and travel for campaigns is literally only applicable to about 15% of bloggers, and that hurts.

Regardless, a lot has happened in a short span of time. We celebrated Christmas, new year, and my 21st birthday all within a two week period. Yes, you read that right, my 21ST BLOODY BIRTHDAY. I’ve been blogging since I was 16 and now, here I am at 21 years old, still as passionate about TFJ as I was back then. The only real difference is that I had a lot more time to focus on the blog when all I had to worry about was homework.

Tomorrow I’ll be taking a quick trip to Paris which I am super excited for. This time around I’m hoping to visit the palace of Versailles and go to the top of the Arc Di Triomphe. I’ll be travelling with my dad for the first time and I’m really looking forward to finally experiencing that kind of thing with family.

As for everything else, I will try my best to keep you all posted. I’m going to use this trip as motivation to bring you all some great new content both on the blog and over at my YouTube channel, so get ready for some travel happy snaps, story times, and OOTDs.

Much love,


What’s in my bag?

Okay, this isn’t my bag but maybe one day…
What's in my bag


Gucci man shoulder bag
3 120 AUD –

Yves Saint Laurent card case wallet
400 AUD –

Chloé round lens sunglasses
455 AUD –

NARS Cosmetics dark circle concealer
40 AUD –

Nars cosmetic
37 AUD –

Victoria s Secret eau de perfume
24 AUD –

Sugar Paper brass pen
53 AUD –

November Aesthetic

Back and levelled up


Nasty Gal bralet top
53 AUD –

Alexis flared pants
665 AUD –

Gianvito Rossi black ankle booties
1 320 AUD –

Gucci mini handbag
1 695 AUD –

Delfina Delettrez gold diamond ring
6 415 AUD –

Gemstone earrings
6.60 AUD –

Cartier rose gold jewelry
17 810 AUD –

Cartier gold bangle
7 920 AUD –

Cartier ring
4 925 AUD –

Dolce Gabbana tech accessory
410 AUD –

Chloé round sunglasses
1 665 AUD –

Nars cosmetic
34 AUD –

Deluxe Better Than Sex Mascara
16 AUD –

Too beautiful to let them win: dealing with terrorism as a traveller

On July 12th 2016, I left Nice, France complaining about how sunburnt I got while sitting on the beach, enjoying a beautiful day with my new Contiki friends. Two days later someone drove a cargo truck into innocent crowds celebrating Bastille Day. Talk about a wake up call to real world issues.

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New year, who dis?

2016 was a strange year, but it was undeniably lit.

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Picture this: You’re in Munich, it’s midweek, approximately 8pm, and everyone is LIT AF

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Five stereotypical Melbourne Men

1. I spent all my money on clothes. I look fresh, but I’m starving

You know the saying “the struggle is real”? that term was probably coined by one of these Melbourne men. They’ll happily splurge on that unnecessary fifth Tommy Hilfiger shirt in that hideous colour that they’ll never wear; and their wardrobe is probably a lot more impressive than yours is, but unless their eating a home cooked meal, they’re probably starving (maybe that’s how they fit into their super skinny chinos?)

2. I spent all my money on my car and now I look like I just got out of bed

(and they’re not even wearing Peter Alexander pyjamas) ?

3. I drink organic coffee and talk about indie music all day


Have you ever read a book and imagined that perfect, cultured man with the flannel shirt and skinny jeans, who most likely plays guitar and can recite passages from literary classics while serenading the main character who you can totally relate to?

Well Melbourne is full of them and you can find your own at indie cafes, book stores, and the next Rubens gig.

4. Mum and Dad sent me to a private school and now I intern at a law firm (did you notice my Rolex as I told you that?)

These guys are all about polo shirts, knitted jumpers and Daniel Wellington watches (when they get tired of looking down on their dad’s old Rolex)

These guys are so preppy it’s like they’ve stolen directly from Nate Archibald’s costume wardrobe and didn’t think we’d notice.

5. I go to Rats every weekend and only shop at General Pants

Everyone loves a good banger but not quite as much as these guys do. In case you weren’t sure, STUSSY for them is like a drug and they won’t make out with anyone who isn’t wearing matching Adidas Superstars.

Okay so can we talk about the BS sizing at Brandy Melville? (and wtf is up with Vogue’s boob shaming?)

One size fits all? No worries, this top barely holds both boobs, but all women are built the same, true?

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Three ways travelling can ruin you

Exploring the world is an incredible experience, just keep in mind that no one talks about the ways in which becoming a traveller can ruin you. (Although I may be exaggerating a little bit)

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Toboggan down the Swiss Alps? check ✔️

Walk across the highest elevation suspension bridge in Europe? Check ✔️

Bungee jump off of a cable car? check, check, and check ✔️

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Three cities in three days? Totally possible. Continue reading


Before even seeing London, I always knew I would love it. This city not only lived up to my expectations, but exceeded them.

The best part for me was definitely spending time with much loved family who live there, but it wasn’t only that which confirmed my idea to move there some day.

London is a city filled with hundreds of years of history. Monuments can be found around the corner, and the atmosphere is indescribable. I found London to be a welcoming place, maybe because I was completely open to everything that it had to offer as well. In London, we saw the London Eye, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Covent Garden (which isn’t actually a garden) Shakespeare’s Globe, South Bank, The Shard, The Cheese-grater, London Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus, and Oxford Street. I felt like I was playing real life Monopoly.

During our time we also saw two Shakespeare productions at the Globe Theatre. We watched one of my favourite plays, A Midsummer Night’s Dream as well as Macbeth. If you are interested in theatre or literature, or are just curious about The Globe, I definitely recommend going to see one of the productions, it was easily one of the highlights of our time in London.

We also went to Oxford and Windsor. Oxford was nothing like I expected, probably because I didn’t actually know anything about it other than it was home to one of the world’s most prestigious universities. As for Windsor, I got quite jealous when I saw how well the Queen lives. By luck, the flag on the castle was raised whilst we were there, which meant that Queen Lizzie was in the building.

For summertime, the weather in London wasn’t the best, it was always jacket weather, except for the one day that we were in Oxford, but regardless I think it added to the atmosphere of each place we went to. I definitely recommend London to anyone who enjoys the city lifestyle and wants a trip that they can fill with historical sightseeing, culture immersion, and shopping.

Have you guys been to London? What were your favourite places?