Picture this: You’re in Munich, it’s midweek, approximately 8pm, and everyone is LIT AF

I guess that’s to be expected when you drink a litre of beer in a beer garden, hop on bikes, and then ride to a beer hall. It wasn’t until I was starting my second half litre that I remembered that I don’t even like beer.

Once we left Switzerland, we had a quick stop over in Vaduz, Liechtenstein; a small principality in between Austria and Switzerland. With limited time to eat and exchange money, I didn’t get to do much exploring at all, and only just managed to get my passport stamped with the official Lichtenstein stamp (which seemed like a much bigger deal than it is, at the time).


Then we were off to Munich.

As per usual we didn’t have much time to settle in before we got moving again, but this time everyone was so relaxed after our time in Switzerland that we didn’t mind. First up was possibly one of the coolest included activities that Contiki offered, which was a bike tour through the city.


We used the company Mike’s Bike Tour’s, and had two Australian guides who were absolutely hilarious. Between yelling out “mullet” every time we saw someone with a mullet (which was often because, thanks to David Hasselhoff, people consider him an icon for “helping” bring down the Berlin Wall in 1989) and screaming “stranger danger!” and ducking down every time an outsider tried to join our group, we saw the main sights of Munich and actually learned a fair bit about the historical city.


The tour led us through a nudist park, a strong current river where people surf (in the middle of the city?), and finally to a massive beer garden. There I ate what I still think was the best chicken schnitzel ever.


Then, 51 drunk young adults got back on bikes and rode back to our meeting point, where we then went to a beer hall, and then had the rest of the night to ourselves. To say that Munich got the better of us is an understatement.


Did you know that German bartenders free pour and will give you 3/4 vodka 1/4 red bull?

Well, they do and you won’t realise it until its too late.

Munich was one crazy time, and I definitely felt it the next day.

The next day we were up bright (and far too early) to hit the road and make our way to Venice. Along the way we stopped in Innsbruck, Austria and checked out some cool things like an important Swarovski store (I don’t remember why it was important, I felt too sick to listen) but it was quite pretty.


Although feeling unwell, I was very excited to be going back to Italy, especially Venice.

One pro about long bus rides meant that it gave you enough time to recuperate before your next destination.

Contiki definitely knows what’s up.

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