Winter has come, and you have no idea how happy I am that this season has arrived.

PS I hope you guys like Game Of Thrones references…

So, let’s get down to business


With winter come new designer collections, and none are more comforting or lush like the A/W collections. This season brings hugs in the form of scarves and portable heaters in the form of knitted jumpers. If you’re like me and love jeans, you are officially allowed to wear them every day. Leather jackets are more than just a statement, they become the best way to insulate yourself from the cold, and when you can’t decide what to wear, just put on the basics and add your gorg winter coat and boots, then suddenly it looks like you’ve put in a lot of effort.


I’m not going to lie, I’ve been winter prepping from the moment I could, even in summer I was more concerned about winter clothes, which is probably not the best idea because I will be missing the five coldest weeks of winter this year because I will be in Europe during their summer…

Anyway, here are my top winter staples:



French Connection Knit

For when you need a comfortable, warm, neutral piece to go under any jacket.


Witchery lace-up knit

Did someone say statement jumper?


Witchery Sleeveless Puffer

Talk about sports-luxe…


French Connection bomber jacket

I am actually so obsessed.

Mimco Streamline scarf

For when you CBF putting an outfit together and the scarf steals the show and makes it look like you actually put some thought into it.


Gorman Silver dot raincoat

It’s a bit of fun and a whole lot of practicality.


I hope everyone has braced themselves, because winter is here and I think we should all embrace it with open arms…



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