Uni life

You’re not a university student until you’ve thought or said these things at least once.

“This stupid ‘Lost On Campus’ app is stupid”

This statement may or may not be true, I personally am guilty of saying it, but in complete honesty, I’ve said it because I’ve gotten myself so lost that the app can’t even help me, I just couldn’t admit it until now.

“Will Turnitin recognise corrupt-a-file documents?”

Don’t tell me that you’ve never used some type of file corrupting means to grant yourself a sneaky extension to get that essay that you left to the last minute finished. Speaking from experience, I’ve wondered the exact question of whether it would work on Turnitin, and after some serious Google searching, have come to the conclusion that it wouldn’t. Sometimes just having the reassurance that you can manipulate a deadline is enough to get you through your work, but be aware that your university’s use of Turnitin or other originality checker is definitely going to recognise any type of plagiarism, and teachers are able to monitor your LMS activity , so, as it should be, honesty is the best policy (sorry about the cliché)

“Walk in, get shit done, walk out”

I like to think of this saying as a motivating mantra. For some reason it makes me feel powerful and channels my inner determination, because I think “okay so literally all I have to do is walk in, do what’s asked and walk out”. It’s a pretty simple concept, isn’t it?

“I like uni but I don’t want to do any of these assignments ja feel?”[1]

Ja totally feel”… Firstly, make use of all of the skills that you learn at university (like referencing…)

Secondly, assignments are a pain for everyone, but once you realise that it’s in your best interest to be a ‘go-getter’, your quality of life will actually increase. It’s not because of the fact that you can get things done sooner so that you end up with more time to yourself (or is it?), but it’s because of the satisfaction that you get from results of a good quality piece of work, that hasn’t been deducted for lateness or penalised for plagiarism. Personally, I do enjoy my tutes most of the time, and although I’m exhausted from a combination of school and work, it’s always nice to see positive results from your hard work.

“Staying up late and watching Netflix wasn’t a mistake but actually attending an 8am lecture the morning after was”

Some people are really good at prioritising, other people aren’t, but I can guarantee you that prioritising school over Netflix will be best for you in the long run. Pretty obvious, I know, but sometimes when you are tired and overwhelmed we make bad decisions, and even though we will be more tired after doing more work, it’s better than making yourself extremely tired from watching Netflix.

All in all, I am not a model student, and as nice as it would be, I probably won’t ever be one, but I am willing to put in the effort to achieve my goals, and if I can do it, you can do it too.

[1] Jonah Hill, 21 Jump Street, 2013


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