How to be a hat person in one easy step

Step one: Put a hat on and don’t worry about a thing (because every little thing, is gonna be alright)

I’ve always liked to consider myself a ‘hat person’, however, what would happen is that I would get out of the car at my destination, notice that no one else was wearing a hat, and then completely conform. My hat ended up making a really nice under-arm accessory.

But those days are gone.

Gone are the days when I would take my hat off because I felt out of place; after all, style queen Rachel Zoe has always said “what’s the worst thing that can happen? You’re the best dressed in the room”; and how right is she?

Now, thanks to my blogger bud, I have a lovely new hat to revel in. This is the Summer Fedora from Grace and Willow, and it will be my Summer staple, and lucky for me, I get two Summers this year! (Posts about a certain Euro trip will be coming soon!)

So, here is a little edit of some great hats that you can use Summer through Winterhats


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