Love me a mini bag

Picture this: You’re super busy, perhaps you’re shopping up a storm, testing out the NARS Steven Klein collection, and suddenly you’re juggling the products and a big hand bag on your arm, and then you start to ache; big red and white lines appear from where you’ve accidentally cut circulation, then finally, you leave the store with nothing to show for your trouble.

Well, do I have a solution for you!

Mini bags!

I know you all have them, probably hanging in your wardrobe somewhere, watching you reach for your oversized tote, watching you fill it with that book you won’t read on the train, and that second bottle of water that you know you probably won’t drink. It’s a hard life for these little guys.

They’re so convenient, but we just get so distracted by something bigger, something that doesn’t necessarily mean better.

I know all of this, because I too am guilty of having a crazy love affair with big bags.

Unashamedly, I keep this affair going. I’m a student, I need big bags for my books, laptop, iPad, lunch, my whole makeup collection and the whole Harry Potter series (with the new covers, obviously)

All rationale aside, I overfill my bag with stuff I don’t need, and then wonder why my arms are sore and why I don’t enjoy sporting my favourite bag.

Until now.

Sometimes all you need is a little taste of freedom to make you want to want more, and that’s what happened with me when I decided that I needed to try using a smaller bag.

I bought this little gem of a hip bag, it’s the Mimco Secret Couch, and it’s kind of perfect.


Initially, I thought it would be way too small. I mean, look at it, it’s a really, really small bag. What you don’t realise until you actually see it is that there are three compartments. Two zipped and one in the middle, sort of like the Céline Trio (but really not)…

It’s leather, so even though it looks small, it does expand a little. It perfectly fits everything I actually need, like my phone, mim pouch (I know, more Mimco?) headphones, lipsticks (yes, plural) and even sunglasses stored in a soft case, and my keys. If I need anything else, I just carry it. I usually use this bag when I’m going to and from work, and I initially purchased it so I can use it when I travel. It’s perfect for that because it will definitely fit my passport, tickets and other essentials.

Once I got into the small bag craze, I might have gone a little overboard. I bought another one, can you guess where from?

It’s the Mimco Brava Mini Bucket in the colour Jade, and it’s the stylish, more structured cousin to the Secret Couch.

This bag is embossed semi shine leather and suede, which gives it a gorgeous, luxurious texture, these materials in combination with the colour create an effortless sense of style, and the bucket style is that little more user friendly because you can fit a little more into it.

DSCN2640Point being, get yourselves into the habit of carrying a mini bag, you’ll save money buying a small bag so you can shop up the biggest storm without worrying about a thing.

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