Surely I’m not the only one who cbf

If you’ve never felt like all you want to do is sit and watch Jane The Virgin all day, then you’re lying.

Being an almost-adult is pretty hard. You’ve got so many responsibilities and run on a super tight schedule. Sometimes, this almost-adult life gets the better of me, and little things manage to slip through the cracks, take cleaning my room for an example.

Want to know how many times i’ve gotten ready and wanted to snap a photo of what I’m wearing, but can’t because no matter which angle I turn my mirror, I can’t hide the pile of clothes gathered on every surface in my room?

Far too many times.

I mean, look at this

Bad, right?

So much potential…

The truth behind this is that I simply have no time, and the last thing I want to do when I get home from uni or work is clean my room. On top of that, who even has time to hang clothes back up when you’re running late and trying to find a suitable outfit? Not me.

I’m not normally like this, but you can’t blame me even if I was.

I don’t get how ‘organised’ people manage. I’m so busy all the time and manage to study and work every single day, therefore something has to give, and for me, that something has been hanging up my clothes.

How do you study, work, and hang your clothes up? I’m truly baffled.

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