Urban Decay Naked 3 review!


The Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette is 12 colours for every hazel-eyed girl’s dream. This rose gold themed palette contains 12 brand new colours which are all to die for! The Naked 3 palette is my first really good quality palette that I have that I can use on a daily basis. I have a MAC palette but the colours range from electric blues to deep purples and emerald green… Not exactly great for a basic, every day look!

What i’ve noticed is that Naked 3 is highly pigmented and durable. I have hay fever and never take my antihistamine tablets and my eyes water like crazy and while I normally end up rubbing all of my eye makeup off, but my eyeshadow since using Naked 3 hasn’t come off at all!

High pigmentation normally means that the product is hard to blend, but that’s pretty much the opposite with Naked 3! It blends so well while still being able to distinguish between the shades that you’ve used. Each shade is unique however you can literally mix any colours on the palette and they won’t clash!

I really love mixing ‘dust’, ‘burnout’ and ‘trick’ for a ultra nude look, then other times I use ‘factory’ as a base, then blend it with ‘liar’ and then fill my crease in with ‘trick’, then highlight around my eye with ‘strange’ when I want more of a dramatic, night look.


I find the consistency to be quite smooth, plus you don’t need much product for the colours to be strong. Only once when I tried to use ‘strange’ as a base did I need to wet my brush to get a good coating, otherwise it was too light to notice (which is why I find it perfect for highlighting)

The brush that the palette comes with is quite good, especially the crease side, however I don’t really like the shadow brush and prefer my Real Techniques base shadow brush and deluxe crease brush, then I use the Urban Decay crease brush to highlight or blend out.

I really do recommend this product to anyone who is willing to spend the money on a nude palette, it’s definitely worth it when considering how much you will actually use it. This product clearly shows you that you get what you pay for with regard to cosmetics, and I really, really understand why it was so hyped up!

Now I really want to try Naked 1 and 2!


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