Double trouble

Screen shot 2014-07-12 at 1.29.09 AMWearing:

H&M Striped Jersey skirt

Zara navy knitted jumper

Colette by Colette Hayman necklace

Kardashian Kollection bucket bag

Ishka rings

Sportsgirl lipstick in “Dark Angel”

Just one of my outfits from a few weeks ago!



  1. i like your double trouble dani, along with the rest of your creations<3 xx mia<3

  2. this question is likely to b weird to u but…. do any of these creation have a cultre secret behind the creations?# just came to me [I made that hashtag up it’s not real!!]

    1. You’re so funny!!! There isn’t a secret behind them, it’s just a matter of being a little creative! Xx

        1. plus hows that youtube channel workin’ out? cause when me and mum move ON with our lives { u know what I mean} she said once she studies and she gets back to work she said I could make youtube channel tooo!!!

          1. I don’t have time to record and edit yet, but I’ll do it at the end of November, when I finish school foreverrrrr!

          2. hehe I giggled my username is going to be SugerHoneyIceTea I did the caps on purpose to let everyone know what I mean it’s in front of every word but then I combined them and you get that

          3. Mia you always make me laugh!!!! Or should I call you SugarHoneyIceTea?

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