Topshop appreciation!

Topshop appreciation!

This is nothing but an appreciation post for the great pieces that Topshop has to offer lately! Since purchasing these black ripped jeans, I’ve endlessly been looking for other outfit possibilities, and have made quite a few edits using the jeans as a starting point! I have also combined my love for grey coats, my need for this ribbed crop top (which I found in-store for the great price of $17 AUD) and my desperate need for another pair of boots!

I guess at the end of the day, this edit is another wishlist, but hey, feel free to add to yours too!

Get the items from Topshop appreciation! by thefashionjournals featuring black eye makeup below:

Topshop grey coat

Topshop bag

Topshop buckle watch
$125 –

Topshop porkpie hat

Topshop accessory
$6.85 –

Topshop pink blush

Topshop lips makeup

Topshop bright eye makeup
$20 –

Topshop long wearing lipstick
$9.59 –

Topshop nail care
$10 –


  1. hey, are those the same topshop jeans u have at home? also do u have all of those clothes and makeup supplies

    1. Yep, these are the Topshop jeans, as for the makeup, I don’t have them all

  2. DAMN!! I always now put amurice instead of Maurice!!! geez do I evn know how to spell my name right!!?? now don’t u question me!! I need u to tell me!!

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