The Dining Room: Comfort, Style, and Colour

Dining room inspo!!!

There is nothing I love more than a practical and stylish home!

I think people sometimes forget that a house is not a home until you are comfortable in it, and many people make their homes seem like a cold and lifeless display, which may look beautiful in photos, but is in no way sensible or cozy.

These photos show some very sophisticated, elegant, and tidy dining rooms, but it’s understandable that not every one has a house that can achieve this look. You may have a small space, bare walls, and simple furniture, and there is nothing wrong with that! With a little imagination, you can make anything work! Once again, interior design is all about practicality and making the practical look good, and there are many ways in which you can re-design your dining space!

1. Consider your space: How large is the area you wish to dedicate to dining? Is it a corner  just outside of the kitchen? A space near a window? or do you have a separate room solely for dining?

2. Your Walls: Is your space neutral? Do you want to paint? Are you happy with the colour?

3. How many people live in your house? Do you have room for guests?

The answers to these questions will enable you to begin to have a clearer image of what it is that you want to, and what you are able to achieve in your dining space, and will allow you to decide on the style and the pieces which you can use in the space.

Keep in mind, when it comes to dining areas, less is more and comfort and atmosphere is a priority!

Take a look the pieces used in this edit here: Dining room inspo!!! by thefashionjournals featuring a pastel storage box

Round table lamp

Tube light

AERIN black floor lamp

Gray wool rug
$190 –

Marimekko serving tray
$94 –

Holmegaard red fruit bowl
$65 –

Canvas serving pitcher

Royal Doulton white wine glasses
$32 –

$110 –

Wall art
$5,870 –

Pastel storage box
$51 –

Wood table chair
$1,100 –


  1. #style,comfort,colour dining room# so proud of ya man I need my house to b that dude xx

  2. um, how can the dining room chairs b see through????? but it’s cool man, man your soooo good at this!!!

      1. what a name GHOST CHAIRS they’ll be good in an haunted house get it? GHOST CHAIRS!!

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