Get The Look: Ashley Benson

I have literally been obsessed with Ashley Benson’s look that she wore to a friend’s wedding.

Not only did the photos bring back some serious “Haleb” feels, but we all realised that Miss Benson doesn’t just look awesome on Pretty Little Liars, but has her own amazing style outside of filming!

Ashley Benson has been popping up on some major fashion radars, as she has created a collection for H&M Divided, which, judging by photos, looks incredible!

Ashley says that the looks are inspired by her own personal style and her love for high waisted skirts, skinny jeans and loose tops.

Looking at the collection, there is a lot of trend pieces, and a lot of mesh, which has me very excited! There is also a lot of stripes,  simple prints, and combinations of black and white.

Ashley Benson is on a roll, and you can get her look here: Get The Look: Ashley Benson 

to take a look at Ashley Benson’s H&M collection, click here

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