“I can’t wear that out, they’ve already seen me in this”

One of my biggest fashion fears is

Lizzie McguireI was seven years old when I first watched The Lizzie Mcguire Movie, and ever since then I have always had this crazy fear of having the same situation happen to me.

I guess this type of ‘fear’ is also where the whole “I have nothing to wear” saying comes from, because really, we do have things to wear, we just don’t like wearing the same thing or combination enough times to accidentally run into someone who saw you wearing it the first (or second…or third) time.

I find that posting an #OOTD on Instagram is the final time that you can wear that outfit, because not only have people that you know seen the outfit, but any other followers have seen it too. Social media is such a huge part of our lives now days and people seem to think that they know a person based on what they’ve posted on a social media platform. I always say that what’s found on social media is up to how the user wants to portray themselves, and since staring The Fashion Journals, posting outfits and pieces of clothing  and becoming bolder with Instagram #OOTD, I seem to think that as the “representative” for The Fashion Journals, I need to always look great and stylish, with the latest and greatest pieces elegantly draped in the best #viewfromthetop snaps.

Really though, in a position which i’m sure a lot of you are in, you cannot afford (metaphorically and literally) to never wear the same clothing combination twice. Plus, if an outfit makes you feel good, then why worry?

Another thing that the Lizzie Mcguire Movie taught me is that it’s one thing to be an “outfit repeater” but being an outfit rememberer is just as pathetic!”

So here’s to looking and feeling great (and wearing a good outfit twice! (…twice x4)

Screen shot 2014-04-21 at 11.40.15 PMWearing:

– Zara navy knitted jumper

-Tempt black skort

-Colette by Colette Hayman necklace

-H&M black bag

-MAC Cosmetics Studio Fix Fluid Foundation (shade: NC25)

-Essence Mattifying Compact Powder

– Bobbi Brown Mascara

-Essence Coverstick concealer (shade: 03 Matt Honey)

-Chanel Le Rogue Intense lipstick (shade: 104 Passion)


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