Adore you; The Miley appreciation post

Adore you; the Miley appreciation edit.

One thing to remember with people who are heavily followed by the media; Everything they do has a purpose.

Think along the lines of celebrity psychology, these people are under tremendous pressure to be a role model, to put up with hate mail, slamming articles and photo spreads in magazines that share photos with captions that are used completely out of context that end up making completely BS headlines.

Miley Cyrus: Disney sweetheart who grew up and no longer fits into the ‘Disney role model’ stereotype, involved in scandals and portraying unacceptable behavior in public.

Who cares?

Miley is a typical 21 year old woman who enjoys life, makes mistakes, and learns from them. What we as an international audience to this girl’s life see is a soon to be train wreck, but what some don’t understand though is that everything that Miley does in public has a purpose.

Twerk while wearing very revealing body suits? Check. Twerk a bit too close to Robin Thicke? Check. Create a totally amazing album? Check check and check. 

Miley is actually very, very smart!

I must admit, had she not have screamed for my attention in these ways, I wouldn’t have even known about her new album. An album that is actually extremely heart felt, touching, relaxing and makes me tap my toe while listening to it in class. Miley has done it right.

Through acting in ways that society thinks is, in most cases ‘unacceptable’, she has managed to redeem herself through her musical talent. Not every artist can say that their album that they released at the age of 21 has been in the top 10 charts of ten different countries, with RIAA Platinum, ARIA Gold, BPI Gold and MC Platinum certifications. Sure, she might have gone about getting our attention in a… unique way, but Miley is definitely worth the attention that we are giving her.

Miley is also a celebrity fashion icon, and has been for a while. Collaborating with the likes of Marc Jacobs in his recent Spring 2014 campaign, Cyrus was the face of the campaign, with Jacobs claiming that “[I] just love her and her entire being, her talent, her intelligence, everything. There’s nothing I don’t like about her. She is just genuine and very natural.”

For years, Miley has inspired women with her cool, easy street style looks that seem effortlessly collected and just… awesome.

Regardless of everything, even if she is a little bit crazy, I love Miley and

we adore you

Listen out for Bangerz here: [itunes link=”″ title=”Listen to Bangerz here”]

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