Recent obsession: Leather jackets.

I blessed myself with the gift of a leather jacket last weekend, and honestly, I haven’t stopped wearing it.

I am so obsessed that I’ve found myself walking around my house wearing it. I’m not even ashamed to admit so.

The point being that leather jackets are a staple for everyone’s wardrobe, no matter your age, gender, or style. Leather jackets come in many different cuts, styles and designs, and so, finding one to suit you won’t be that difficult.

Leather jackets aren’t just a trend. They have been around for decades, and more than that are a piece that no one should go without! Along with the LBD, silk white shirt and tailored black blazer, the leather jacket is a piece that should, and will, complete any wardrobe!

One last thing: Leather jackets can be worn with almost anything!

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  1. Are you kidding me? You can wear that with just about anything! Get yourself a leather mini and red lace tank top; slim fit jeans and white scoop neck T-shirt; khakis and polo! I wouldn’t suggest wearing it to the office. This is strictly after work and weekend wear. But WOW! what you can do!

  2. nice post daniela, i agree with you, you can basically wear any tank (except brown) with a leather jacket. add dark or blue jeans and some black ankle boots. 🙂

  3. I adore this look! the jacket is just amazing, spring perfection! and you are so right, some colors are just impossible to describe haha x

  4. Never apologise for this look. A leather jacket is an investment item. They are so retro bu bang up to date. I love the looks you have put together. I wear my biker jacket all the time. Keep it up. Great post.

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