Leather, Stripes and Monochrome

Leather, Stripes and Monochrome
Lately, I have been very curious in trying sports luxe street wear.
It is nothing new, I’ve made edits of sports luxe months ago, however, I haven’t tried mixing different styles, for example, monochrome and sports luxe.
Street wear isn’t something foreign, and it comes in many genres of styles.  Normally, I would follow the casual yet elegant street wear, with knitted jumpers, nice shirts, wax coated jeans, or skirts with heels. This time though, I want the statement pieces to speak for themselves.
Who says you can’t mix statement pieces anyway? A striped dress is a statement, as is a leather vest but together they make a metaphorical inspiring speech (outfit) composed of different statements (pieces).
Monochrome doesn’t always work when it’s completely… monochrome. Try mixing black and white with colour or grey, or black on black or white on white with a statement coloured piece. Straight forward black and white can not only come across as boring, but quite generic. Once you add colour and affirmative pieces, you’ve broken away from the norm and created a look thats entirely unique to you!
Monochromed looks also work really well when you are mixing textures, which seems to be my favourite ‘fashion do’ these past few months!
Here are some ways that you can use monochrome (and pull it off!)

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River Island blue cotton dress
$25 – nelly.com

River Island embroidered beanie hat
$17 – riverisland.com

Monki vintage round glasses
$14 – monki.com

Kohl eye makeup

NARS Cosmetics sheer foundation
$51 – liberty.co.uk

Mac cosmetics lipstick

NARS Cosmetics red nail polish
$25 – johnlewis.com


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