Purely H&M

Purely H&M
I have many reasons for absolutely loving H&M: Some being the quality, the reasonable prices, and not to mention the stylish items that are released with every collection.
What’s even better? H&M is coming to Melbourne, Australia! I was lucky enough to stock up on some H&M clothes and some accessories whilst I was in Italy last May, but finally everything that I’ve lusted for online for the past eight months will be finally coming my way!
This news has been out for a little while now, but i’m more excited than ever to welcome my favourite international brand to Australia!

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H M woven top
$41 – hm.com

H M black velvet coat
$58 – hm.com

H&M slim leg jeans
$33 – hm.com

H M black bowler bag
$33 – hm.com

H M black wide brim hat
$13 – hm.com

H M black hair accessory
$2.47 – hm.com

H M face powder
$6.58 – hm.com

H M eyeliner
$6.58 – hm.com

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