Vinyl: not just for records

Vinyl: not just for records

Why would anyone dismiss block colours and prints?!

One of the most simple, effortless and chic rules you can abide by this season is teaming block coloured outfits with printed accessories and textures. 

In this edit above, we see a vinyl skirt with a leather bag, cotton camisole and leopard print. Mixing textures can be risky but when done correctly, can result with a fluent, polished and fun look!

Keep your makeup simple with a statement lip and ta-da! You have yourself an easy yet incredibly stylish outfit!

Rag Bone black top

Topshop skirt

Michael kors tote

Hippy hat
$36 –

Nars cosmetic
$38 –

Givenchy foundation

Nars cosmetic
$31 –

Batiste dry shampoo

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