Alexander Wang: Schooling the world

Consumerism. Capitalism. Human Greed.

Alexander Wang explores the lengths to which we will go for personal gain. In an experiment with his New York fans, Wang invites his guests to a “one-time-only undisclosed event”, where once inside, he tells them that they are able to take anything from his collection, free of charge.

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When I first watched this video, the first thing that came to mind was “How amazing would that be?! What ever T by Alexander Wang piece I wanted… for free?!” but as the video continued and I watched the attitudes of the people at the event change from excitement to pure greed and rapacity, I realised how far people would actually go for material items.

It is a shocking insight to human nature, and when you really think about it, who would say no to luxuries that you don’t even have to work for? What motivates people to work in this day and age? It’s the thought of wealth, the idea of living the high life, the hope that we can provide everything that our families need and want. Alexander Wang has managed to provoke thought from people and make his audience think twice about what is truly important.

One man has proven his influence over a society in means that exceed our expectations of a designer. Not only has Alexander Wang impacted the fashion world, but he digs further into society and exposes our weaknesses. Acquisitiveness is a vulnerability that has ruined man kind in the past, look at the First and Second World Wars. How about every war that has erupted due to capitalistic and communistic clashes?  Consumerism is the exact reason why humans turn against each other. It’s not only a physical battle, but a battle of the mind. Overcoming pride and arrogance is something that many people haven’t been able to do. Once we do, then we’ll be truly happy and appreciative of our belongings.

Alexander Wang: Teaching us more than just next season’s trends. 

A Wang

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