Welcome, Summer!

Welcome, Summer!

Saturday 30th November was a great day; I had my first styling session thanks to Melbourne Girl and Melbourne Central‘s ‘Fashion and Beauty makeover’ competition for the One Day Shopping Festival!!!

I learnt so much and enjoyed myself so very much!

So here is my OOTD and I will be keeping updates with all the things I’ve learnt and purchased throughout my time with my stylist!

Cotton tee

J Crew jacket

Wood clog

Juicy Couture chain necklace

Ray-Ban black glasses
$160 – harrods.com

Hippy hat
$36 – sportsgirl.com.au

Shiseido foundation
$70 – nelly.com

Topshop volume mascara
$20 – colette.fr

Topshop glitter lipstick
$19 – colette.fr

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