Mishaps and Mischief: How things going from bad to worse make amazing memories

Last Thursday night (21/11) two of my best friends and I went to the Elle and Topshop Australia reader event held in Topshop Chapel Street. It was a day full of mishaps, train missing, high heel running, makeovers and being stranded in the city till midnight!

If that wasn’t all, the outfit I had planned to wear, wait for it, ripped!



So, Instead I had to re-create my whole outfit, and boy was I upset!


However, things happen for a reason, and that night full of mishaps and outfit emergencies ended up being one of my highlights of my year with two of my favourite people!

Elle and Topshop held a great event. The evening started with drinks and a kind welcome at the door by the staff. It was followed by some browsing of the store and persuading ourselves to buy things because we were offered a 20% discount on all items. The store offered free makeovers and held a trend talk with the editors of Elle Australia and their takes on how European trends seen in the Spring fashion festival can be reproduced using Topshop items. I would like to make a personal shout out and a special thank you to the makeup artist; She was a very sweet lady who done a magnificent job when choosing colours and products that would suit us. Her kindess made the wait in line for the makeover worth it!

At the end of the night, although we were stranded in Chapel Street, it was an unforgettable night with an amazing atmosphere and fantastic, energetic and fun people!

One last thing: A special thank you to my two gemelli (twins), without you guys, I would not have enjoyed myself so much. You guys never fail to make me smile and never judge me, even when I vigorously plan things and they don’t turn out how I want them to and we end up missing trains, running uphill and downhill in heels and speed walking in the wrong direction!

Love you guys! xx

Keep an eye out for a post on the makeup products we tried, tested and purchased and how different lipstick colours match different people’s skin tones, types and style!

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