M.A.C. VS Napoleon Perdis

The Great Debate: Which is better quality? M.A.C. Cosmetics or Napoleon Perdis?
I have encountered many debates about this very topic repeatedly and now I have decided to set the record straight and prove that M.A.C. Cosmetics is of a much higher quality, standard and value than the cosmetics provided by Napoleon Perdis.
With M.A.C. the costs are extremely reasonable for what you are purchasing. You are being invited to treat yourself to constant value and exceptional products with almost equal quality to that you could expect from a designer brand of makeup and beauty products. The flawless coverage and global recognition further supports M.A.C. Cosmetics and it’s high standard.
Napoleon Perdis on the other hand over-charges you for it’s true product, which are re-labelled and re-packaged goods coming from cheaper cosmetics brand ‘Le Femme’, the only difference being the hefty price tag, with Napoleon charging 300% (Yes, 300%) more for the same product.
Napoleon also promotes itself to be sensitive to the skin, however many cases have erupted where Napoleon products have irritated the skin and caused things ranging from minor break-outs to more serious skin rashes and irritations. Not to say some people haven’t had bad experiences with M.A.C., however it is not even half as common as it is with Napoleon Perdis.
Founded in 1984, M.A.C. was originally made for and sold to professional makeup artists, with the intention to be only of high quality and standard to be the product of professional makeup artists worldwide. The company’s global recognition means that there are hundreds of M.A.C. stores scattered throughout [over] 66 countries (based on 2007 statistics). Where as Napoleon Perdis stores can be found in it’s home Australia, it’s neighboring country New Zealand and in the US.
Aside from global appreciation of M.A.C., the company has collaborated with many celebrities and companies to create signature lines. Singers Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga have all had recurring lines of cosmetics, signature shades and tools with M.A.C.
Major labels have also collaborated with M.A.C.; Labels such as Disney with their ‘Venomous Villains‘ range, Barbie with their ‘Barbie loves Mac‘ line, Hello Kitty and DC Comics with their ‘Wonder woman‘ range and many more.
M.A.C. is exclusively sold in M.A.C. specialist stores and specific department stores (such as Myer). Napoleon Perdis is sold in NP stores, pharmacies, Priceline stores and all department stores (including Target, Kmart and Big W).
M.A.C. is a stable, exclusive, consistent and affordable brand with an extremely large range to suit each different user’s skin type and tone, where as Napoleon Perdis falls short of it’s ‘affordable and wearable’ approach.
M.A.C. VS Napoleon Perdis

If forced to choose between the two; M.A.C. Cosmetics would hands-down be the brand that I choose

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