Get the look: Queen Bey

Get the look: Queen Bey

Queen Bey. Mrs Carter. The woman who is Schoolin’ Life.

I get to see Beyonce on saturday night at her Mrs Carter World Tour in Melbourne. First though, I thought I should take inspiration from one of the most (Sasha) fierce women who have had influence on my life from a young age.

It started with Destiny’s Child, then kicked off with ‘Dangerously In Love‘ and from that, I learnt how to Work It Out. I realised that I wanted my husband to be like my Daddy, and still, till this day, I realised that being Crazy In Love is something that I look forward to.

Take it from Mrs Carter, classy street-wear and dignity (not to mention being Bootylicious) can get you very far!

Also, keep in mind that if you liked it then you should have put a ring on it… 

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