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Rachel Zoe; Stylist to Designer

An unparalleled fixture in the fashion world, Rachel Zoe is a distinguished stylist, editor and designer, renowned for her effortless take on glamour.

Here I am, sitting at my desk, wearing dark blue jeans, a Hogwarts singlet and a khaki coloured Sportsgirl cardigan, writing about the ultimate Hollywood stylist and world renown designer, editor and star of The Rachel Zoe Project. I am Writing about someone who I hope one day to be like, dressed in an outfit that Rachel would never even dream of in a fashion nightmare!


Rachel began her career as a fashion assistant for a magazine in New York, where, after hard work, dedication and a distinct taste and knowledge for all things style, haute couture and vintage, she became the editor. This lead Ms Zoe to becoming a stylist to the stars.

From her work in professional styling, Rachel grew a reputation for her on-the-ball calls with trend and endless style. Her career grew further with the release of her book ‘Style A to Zoe‘ and when reality TV show ‘The Rachel Zoe Project‘ premiered on worldwide television circa 2007/2008.

Within a short time, ‘Rachel Zoe’ became a household name all over the world. We saw her studio grow and her styling team increase. We saw the downcast from when trusted team member, Brad Goreski left to pursue his own career in styling, but more importantly, we watched Rachel expand in ways that one in her profession and position can only dream of. We were even introduced to Zoe’s adorable and incredibly well dressed son, Skyler Berman!

Rachel has also released her own designer clothing line; as shown in the photo above. Her emphasis is always on glamour and making the everyday woman look and feel elegant and chic, with elaborate and beautiful maxi dresses and skirts, sequins, furs and beautifully tailored tops and jackets.

Her humorous nature and her immaculate taste, along with an incredible eye for detail has transformed Rachel Zoe into the ultimate stylist and designer.


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