The Perfect Top Knot – Rachel Zoe Style

imageimage (2)

For the first time ever, I nailed the top knot! Getting my inspiration for the look from Rachel Zoe’s ‘DreamDry’ Salon Style Menu, I tried to copy the messy but oh-so-chic top knot, called the Audrey (Undone) 


How I did it:

  1. I pulled my hair back into a high, tight pony tail
  2. I couldn’t find my donut, so I put a scrunchy over the top of the hair tie
  3. I spread my hair over the scrunchy, very loosely
  4. using a thin hair tie, I tied the hair closest to the head so my hair looked like thisbun1
  5.  Then, I loosely took the remaining fountain parts of hair and wrapped it all around in one direction (I did it to the right) 
    bun 2
  6. Then, secure the wrapped hair with a hair tie and further secure the little parts that stick out with hair pins (You may need quite a few!)bun 3
  7. You will need to dramatically spray your hair with a strong-holding hair spray. This will also help you to add texture and minimise the amount of hair pins you might use (Hair pins might not always properly secure your hair, especially if it’s long)

Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t turn out well on your first go, it took me a while to nail it too!


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