Prints and Rides

The sun was shining, shining so bright. The atmosphere made us all smile.
Sounds of laughter and screams of excitement ran through the wind.
“Welcome to the show!” He said. 
I looked at him and smiled
Then, when he looked away, I took his cotton candy and ran…
Prints and Rides

This is a similar outfit to the one I wore to the Royal Melbourne Show on Monday. You can’t go wrong with a good pair of blue jeans, Converse and a Kimono!

The prints on Kimonos give a fun, energetic feel to any simple outfit and make it easy to stay casual and cool.

Kimonos also have a very lengthening effect on the wearer, especially from the back due to their unique draped shape and bat-winged sleeves.

So, when you’re looking for a flattering, casual cardigan to wear in the warm Spring weather, look no further than the pretty prints on a kimono!

Zadig Voltaire short sleeve collared shirt
$190 –

Blue kimono
$64 –


Light wash skinny jeans

Converse sneaker

Brown leather messenger bag
$390 –

Linda Farrow sunglasses
$450 –

Voluminous mascara

Le labo fragrance
$240 –

Le Labo fragrance
$240 –

Le labo fragrance
$83 –

Nivea lip care
$2.87 –

Louis Vuitton bags case

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