Owl Sweaters; Why?.

First off, I would like to state that I don’t want to offend anyone who may like these sweaters, and if you can pull off wearing this type of thing, kudos to you!
On the other hand though, we’re talking about sweaters… with owls on them. Although they are cute, are they really practical?
How many times would you wear something like this? Where will you wear an owl jumper? What would you team it with? and finally, unless you’re completely quirky and have other items of clothing and accessories to compliment the jumper, can you successfully pull this off?
I am extremely skeptical about this new trend. Owls in general have become so overrated, and now they’re on sweaters?!
Granted, I proudly have an owl penholder on my desk, and my sister gave me an owl pendant that I wear almost every day and love, plus I love the little owl statues that people have in their rooms. Owls also look cute in paintings and sketches and anything to do with interior style, but on jumpers?! Can we try and separate the obsessions from interior design and accessories to clothing? Please?! 
Honestly, in my opinion, the look is just tacky. I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone. I personally do not like these sweaters, nor would I encourage a friend to wear it, even when they say the usual “how do I look?” and you normally have to answer “great, I love you’re jumper” when you actually hate it.
This is one of those trends that will be in for two weeks and will be flying out the window before you even get the chance to find a decent owl sweater.
Sorry to be the bearer of owl-sweater-hating news, but please try to re-think your choices when contemplating whether you can pull off the owl sweater.
Owl Sweaters- Why?.


IHeart sweater
$340 – jades24.com

$150 – peopletree.co.uk

Wallis sweater

AX Paris sweater
$32 – axparis.com

Brave Soul beaded sweater
$40 – newlook.com

Owl sweater
$24 – newlook.com

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