Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.

Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking.


Her name has become legend. Her magazine is the Bible for anyone interested in fashion, taste and sophistication. Without a doubt one of the most elegant women ever to walk the planet, I give you… Miranda Priestly.
As Miranda Priestly pursed her lips in distaste, all women and fashion moguls around the world learned that florals for spring are not groundbreaking, yet, here we are.
florals for spring
Cue the pastel colours and floral statement pieces, we welcome you to spring!

Flower print shirt
$19 – fashionunion.com

Emilio Pucci jeans

Bangle bracelet set

Ray-ban glasses
$285 – nelly.com

H M hair accessory
$3.14 – hm.com

Chanel eye makeup remover
$37 – debenhams.com

Lancôme eyelash curler

Victoria s Secret lip stick

Summer fragrance
$33 – debenhams.com

GHD flat iron
$215 – johnlewis.com

Detangling brush
$20 – thehut.com

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