Your wardrobe may not lead to Narnia, but Aslan may be found in the form of a dress!

In the renowned series ‘The Chronicles Of Narnia’  written by C.S. Lewis, The story of the land of Narnia, its magical people and beautiful landscapes enchanted children and adults alike since its release in 1950. The First book published in the series was ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’, Where a young Lucy Pevencie discovers an entrance to the mystical land of Narnia whilst hiding in a wardrobe in a spare room, during a game of ‘hide and seek’.

Lucy pushes through a collection of fur coats (if that wasn’t exciting enough) and finds herself in the snowy, breathtaking terrain of Narnia.


The significance of my retelling of ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’ is that if you look hard enough through your wardrobe, you might find an adventure evoking outfit!  (Or if you are like Lucy, some fur coats you never knew you had)

On Friday night, I had been invited to attend a Debutante Ball. This occasion had called for a new outfit, but considering I had spent a fair bit the week before for my cousins confirmation, I had decided to wear the same skirt but a different top for this occasion.

Undoubtedly though, I had thought I had an outfit ready to go. It wasn’t until the night before the Deb that I realised that I wasn’t going to look formal enough for the occasion, nor was I 100% happy with my ensemble. When I put the idea of a new outfit forward, I was less than encouraged to go shopping once again, and on short notice as well. From there, I decided that I would seek alternate options and look into the back of my wardrobe at the array of dresses I bought but have never worn (I’m not really a dress wearing person)

Just as I was about to give up, a familiar yellow tag caught my eye. I held the tag and untangled the belts and coat hangers that were blocking me from this unworn dress. I then pulled out a Khaki coloured bandage dress from Bardot that I had completely forgotten about!

TFJ Dress

This dress turned out to be my saviour! After calming down from my excitement of finding the dress in the first place, trying it on and discovering its perfect fit, I decided that I needed to accessorise!

It was a bit of a chilly night and so I added a cream coloured, laced back blazer I picked up from Cotton On

TFJ Jacket

With the dress, I paired black stilettos, a black clutch from Colette, a multicoloured necklace, A red stone ring and a gold leaf bracelet.

TFJ accessoriesTFJ shoes, bracelet and ringTFJ clutch

Moral of this story is that before you go out and splurge on a new dress or outfit, check out what you already own, because you might just have something that is perfect that you have forgotten about!

1237706_719241121425019_1690997268_nTFJ meThe final result!

One of my beautiful friends on her Deb Night!

Get the Look!


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